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sometimes into +Insanity+), +Numbness+ of arms, hands, feet or legs (precursors of +Paralysis+), +Twitchings+ of the muscles of the eyelids and elsewhere (sometimes ending in +Epileptic Fits+ or +St. Vitus’ Dance+), +Timidity+, +Diabetes+ and +Deposits+ in the +Urine+, +Troubled Breathing+, +Indecision+, +Loss of Will Power+, +Bashfulness+, +Burning+ of the face, +Coldness+ and +Clamminess+ of the feet and hands, also of the +Scrotum+ (or bag), +Palpitation+ of the heart, +Early Loss of fluid during connection+, +Feelings of Gloom, Despondency, Hopelessness+ of a cure, or fear of impending danger or +misfortune+, +Tenderness of the Scalp+ and +Spine+, +Dryness+ and +Itching of the skin+, +Sudden Sweating+, +Sudden Nervous Trembling+, +Noises+ and +Reports+ in the ears and brain, +Weight+ on the brain, +Weak+ and +Flabby Muscles+, easily tired after slight exertion, +Desire to Sleep late+ in the mornings and +failure to be rested+ by sleep, +Weakness+ and +Torpor+ the day after a nightly emission has occurred, the +Oozing of thick white fluid+ from the urethra when +constipated+ or +straining at stool+, +Varicocele+, etc., etc.


As a rule the +organs waste away+ rapidly or become +curved, twisted, or misshapen+.  Oftentimes the testicles +dwindle away+ to almost nothing. +Settled gloom+ and +melancholy+ pervade the mind, and +hallucinations+, +morbid fear+, +unnatural lust+, +groundless jealousy+ and a +morbid desire for solitude+ show themselves.  Undoubtedly the list of promotive causes is considerably augmented by maltreatment and the employment of injudicious remedies.  We should therefore suggest to all prudent persons the wisdom and importance of consulting competent authority only.  Self-enervation in the first instance brings about that irritability which evinces itself in +nocturnal discharges+, afterwards in inappreciable but exhaustive +diurnal discharges+, and subsequently in complete debility of the whole generative system.  This seminal fluid, such indeed as it is—­weak, effete and devoid of all generative power—­is undoubtedly the fluid which the organs suffer to escape; and to prevent further its flow, as well as to give a healthy tone to the secretory and retentive vessels ought to form our first care.


It is a curious pathological fact, that during the progress of Spermatorrhoea, difficulty of breathing, cough, and tightness of the chest, arising in many constitutions from the seminal disorder, have sometimes been actually mistaken for pulmonary consumption.  The cough is often distressing, occasionally attended by an expectoration of an offensive kind.  There is no doubt that many have been maltreated for consumption when Spermatorrhoea was the real malady.  That the latter leads to the former is certain enough, but the stages and connections of the respective diseases have been grossly misunderstood by practitioners who have not had sufficient personal acquaintance with the indications of Spermatorrhoea.

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