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+Bashfulness and trepidation+, especially in the presence of females, is the rule.  The person feels +clumsy+, +embarrassed+ and +ill at ease+. +Sleep+ is sometimes poor, there are occasionally +terrible dreams+, sometimes +lascivious ones+ accompanied by +emissions+, +drowsiness+ and a tired, languid feeling in the morning, and a +disinclination to rise+ and go to work are certain signs of +impending+ nervous exhaustion. +The eyes are dull and heavy+, often +black-ringed+ underneath.  The pupils of the eyes are unequal—­often very large—­sometimes one small and one large.  The hands tremble and perspire +easily+.  The person is +absent-minded, melancholy, prone to brood, and fears the jests+ or ridicule of his companions.  The +skin+, especially of the +face+, sometimes becomes +coarse and red, sometimes is pale and pasty+ and covered with +blotches or pimples+.  There is sometimes +spasm at the neck of the bladder+, causing +some delay before the urine will flow freely+.  Often it is passed in a +forked or twisted stream+, plainly showing the presence of either organic or spasmodic stricture. +Twitching of the muscles of the eyelid, face and limbs+ is often present, accompanied sometimes by +creeping sensations up the spine+, +flushings of the face+, +chills+ (slight), +dizziness and black spots before the eyes+ on stooping over and occasionally by neuralgic pains in the +head+ and about the heart.  If unchecked, or if the baneful habit is still persisted in, the symptoms of the First Stage merge rapidly into those of the


Here all the symptoms of the foregoing stage are usually present, only somewhat more intensified.  The +congestion+ and +irritation+ are +more decided+, the +weakness+ more marked, the +nervous prostration+ more decided.  Any, many, or all of the following symptoms may be present, according to the degree of severity or the rapidity of the disease: 

+Emissions+ (day or night), +Oozing of a glairy fluid+ under excitement and imaginings, presence of the opposite sex, etc., +Partial+ and +Imperfect Erections, Desire to Masturbate+, Formation of +Evil Pictures in the Mind+, +Flushing and Chilliness+, +Stupidity and Tendency to Doze or Sleep+, +Mental Hebetude+, +Failing Memory+, +Lack of Power of Application, Energy or Concentration+, +Restlessness+, +Pain and Smarting+ in passing urine, +Wetting the Bed+, +Pain in the Kidneys+, +Headache+, +Pimples+ on the face or body, +Itching or peculiar sensations+ about the scrotum (bag), thighs, legs, anus, etc., +Wasting+ of the +Organs+, +Stringiness and Softening+ of the +Testicles+, +Dyspepsia+, +Sluggish Bowels+, +Torpid Liver+, +Failing Sight+, +Pains in the Head+ (front, top and back), Chest, Limbs, etc., Sensation of the +Bowels Falling Out+, +Dizziness+ on stooping over or kneeling, +Specks+ before the +Eyes+, +Erotic Dreams+, +Melancholy+ (developing

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