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Many writers are disposed to underrate the importance of this tendency in spermatorrhoea.  The statistics of any of our large insane asylums will illustrate the influence of masturbation in the production of insanity.  Mr. Holmes Coote, in a discussion which followed Dr. Drysdale’s paper on the “Medical Aspects of Prostitution,” read before the Harveian Society of London, remarked that “he still entertained the opinion that there were no worse evils appertaining to human weakness than this.  He had opportunities of witnessing the fact that among the young there was no cause of insanity more common than indulging in habits which he would not further particularize, but which were known to result in the most complete bodily and mental prostration.”—­[British Medical Journal, Feb. 17, 1866.]

Dr. John P. Gray, the distinguished Superintendent of the State Asylum at Utica, New York (Twenty-Fourth Annual Report, 1867), thus speaks of the +influence of masturbation+ in the production of +insanity+:  “The records of this institution show five hundred and twenty-one cases admitted directly attributable to this vice, and I am well convinced that the number is greatly understated.”

We might add confirmatory testimony from a variety of sources, but the foregoing is sufficient for our purpose.

IMPORTANT.—­Peculiar, numb, dead, aching, or tingling sensations in the hands, arms, legs or feet, and headache and specks before the eyes on stooping or reading; also sleeplessness, too sound sleep, and apprehensive dreams should be watched for, and the moment they appear danger from Paralysis or Insanity is to be apprehended and proper treatment at once taken.  These symptoms may mean nothing in some cases, but they are terrible harbingers of ill in others.


The following case, taken verbatim from the Care Book of the Insane Asylum at Blackwell’s Island, will serve as a type of the many to be found in every hospital for the insane in this country. (And a terrible and noteworthy fact is, that according to the recent annual reports of these institutions, both in this country and Europe, insanity, idiocy and dementia from Seminal Losses and Sexual Abuses, are increasing from year to year.)

  {Illustration:  Fig. 4. 
  Appearance of James McC——­, a few weeks before he died. 
  (See below.)}

“James McC——­, admitted to the Asylum ten days ago.  Single, clerk, born in N.Y.  State.  Was found on 6th Avenue surrounded by a crowd who were attracted by his violent and frantic efforts to destroy everything within his reach.  On being arrested and taken to the 29th Precinct Station House, he was recognized by the Sergeant on duty at the desk as having been arrested twice before within

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