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At the first symptom of Sexual Decay or Nervous Exhaustion, the person thus affected should have his urine carefully and thoroughly analyzed by some competent person.  In saying “competent person,” we speak advisedly, for but few chemists and fewer physicians are competent to make such an examination and draw correct deductions from what is to be found there.  Any person can, with the proper reagents, test his urine for the presence or absence of semen, but he cannot make the thorough, scientific, chemical and microscopical analysis that is sometimes needed in order to arrive at a full and perfect diagnosis and successful treatment.

{Illustration:  Fig. 3.  URINE OF A YOUNG MAN SUFFERING WITH SPERMATORRHOEA. 1.  Epithelial Scales from the Prostate Gland. 2.  Scales from the Kidney Tubes. 3, 4.  Scales from the Kidney Tubes swollen and degenerated. 5.  Spermatazoa, wasted, shriveled, imperfect and dead. (In this case the Varicocele had extended up the cord.)}

If losses of semen are taking place in the urine, it would be well to forward a sample of it at once, for a full and extended analysis, which will be made for the nominal fee of $2, merely to cover the cost of chemicals.

Our Chemical Laboratory is under the supervision of Mr. G. H. E. Du Bell, Ph.D., a thoroughly competent quantitative and qualitative analytical chemist, a graduate of the French and German Universities and also a licentiate in this country, who, with his able corps of assistants, makes all examinations and reports in full upon them to the Medical Chief of Staff, who in turn submits them with the histories of each to the full Consulting Board or Staff.


Of Masturbation, Spermatorrhoea, Nervous Exhaustion
and Spinal Irritability.

In no disease known to us are the symptoms precisely the same in every case.  They vary with the constitutional peculiarities of the individual.  Yet in nearly every case there are certain prominent or leading symptoms (signs) that are rarely absent at some stage of the disease.  We give here the more noticeable ones at first laid down by +Lallemand+, the great French physician, who first gave us the name “Spermatorrhoea,” who first wrote upon this disease, who was the first to discover the connection between the losses of semen and certain symptoms here given, and who, too, was the great originator of that treatment so successfully perfected by his successor, +Prof.  Civiale+, and which is now the standard treatment, recognized and adopted in all the French hospitals.


First, as to the appearance and actions of the +Masturbator+—­he who is constantly and recklessly drawing drafts of exhaustion and decay on the nervous energy and strength of his coming manhood, and which are sure to bankrupt the most robust health.

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