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sunshine of life

supremacy of good

surface of events

surfeit of verbiage [surfeit = supply to excess]

surge of pathos

suspense of judgment

suspicion of flattery

sweep of landscape

symbol of admiration

system of aspersion


taint of megalomania

tardiness of speech

task of conciliation

tempest of passion

tenacity of execution

tenderness of sentiment

term of reproach

threshold of consciousness

thrift of time

thrill of delight

throb of compunction

throng of sensations

tide of humanitarianism

timid of innovation

tincture of depreciation

tinge of mockery

tissue of misrepresentations

tolerant of folly

tone of severity

top of ambition

torrent of fervor

totality of effect

touch of severity

touchstone of genius

trace of bitterness

tradition of mankind

train of disasters

trait of cynicism

trance of delight

transport of enthusiasm

trappings of wisdom

trend of consciousness

tribute of admiration

trick of fancy

tumult of applause

turmoil of controversy

turn of events

twilight of elderliness

twinge of envy


unity of purpose

universality of experience


vagrancy of thought

valley of misfortune

vanguard of progress

vehemence of manner

vehicle of intercourse

veil of futurity

vein of snobbishness

velocity of movement

vestige of regard

vicissitudes of life [vicissitudes = sudden or unexpected changes]

vision of splendor

vividness of memory

voice of ambition

void of authority

volume of trade

vow of allegiance


warmth of temperament

waste of opportunity

wave of depression

wealth of meaning

weariness of sorrow

web of villainy

weight of argument

whiff of irritation

whirl of delight

whirligig of life

whirlwind of words

wilderness of perplexities

wiles of innocence

word of opprobrium [opprobrium = disgrace from shameful conduct]

work of supererogation [supererogation = to do more than is required]

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