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flight of fancy

flood of hatred

flourish of manner

flower of life

fluctuation of fortune

flush of youth

flutter of expectation

fog of sentimentalism

force of conviction

forest of faces

form of captiousness [captiousness = point out trivial faults]

fountain of learning

fragment of conversation

frame of mind

frankness of manner

freak of fancy

freedom of enterprise

frenzy of pursuit

freshness of feeling

frigidity of address

frivolity of tone

frown of meditation

fulfilment of purpose

fulness of time

fury of resentment

futility of pride


gaiety of spirit

gales of laughter

garb of thought

garlands of roses

gateway of fancy

gem of truth

genuineness of sentiment

gesture of despair

gift of repartee

glamor of sensationalism

glare of scrutiny

gleam of light

glib of speech

glimmer of suspicion

glory of salvation

glow of enthusiasm

gorgeousness of coloring

grace of simplicity

gradations of outrage

grandeur of outline

grasp of comprehension

gravity of manner

greatness of nature

greed of office

grimace of disappointment

grimness of spirit

grip of attention

groundwork of melancholy

growth of experience

guide of aspiration

gulf of incongruity

gust of laughter


harbor of refuge

harvest of regrets

haven of rest

haze of distance

heat of enthusiasm

height of absurdity

hint of bitterness

hopeful of success

horizon of life

horror of solitude

hubbub of talk

hue of divinity

hum of pleasure

hush of suspense


ideals of excellence

idol of society

illusion of youth

immensity of extent

immolation of genius

impatient of restraint

impetuosity of youth

implacability of resentment

impotent of ideas

impress of individuality

impulse of enthusiasm

imputation of eccentricity

incapable of veracity

independence of mind

index of character

indolence of temperament

indulgence of vanity

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