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richness and fertility

ridicule and censure

right and praiseworthy

rigid and inexpressive

ripeness and plenitude

rivals and antagonists

roar and ring

robust and rugged

rococo and affected [rococo = elaborate ornamentation]

romantic and pathetic

rough and barren

roundabout and complicated

roused and stimulated

rude and fiery

rugged and inaccessible

rumors and impressions

rushing and gurgling

rust and disuse


sad and melancholy

sagacity and virtue [sagacity = farsighted; wise]

sane and simple

sarcastic and cruel

sayings and quibbles

scant and incidental

scattered and desultory [desultory = haphazard; random]

scenes and associations

scholastic and erudite [erudite = learned]

scientific and exact

scintillating and brilliant

scoffing and unbelief

scope and significance

scorched and shriveled

scorn and loathing

scrupulous and anxious

scrutiny and investigation

searching and irresistible

seared and scorched

secondary and subsidiary

secretive and furtive

sedate and serious

selfish and overbearing

sensational and trivial

senseless and unreasoning

sensibilities and emotions

sensitive and capricious

sententious and tiresome
                  [sententious = pompous moralizing; terse and energetic]

sentiment and passion

serene and quiet

serious and studious

severe and saturnine [saturnine = melancholy or sullen]

shabbiness and vulgarity

shadowy and confused

shame and mortification

shams and hypocrisies

shaped and sculptured

sharp and vigorous

shelter and safeguard

shifts and compromises

shivering and chattering

shocked and astonished

short and precarious

shreds and tatters

shrewd and diligent

shrill and piercing

shrinking and nervous

shy and subdued

significant and sinister

signs and tokens

silence and obscurity

similarities and resemblances

simple and straightforward

simpletons and nincompoops

sincerity and frankness

sinewy and active

skill and coolness

skulk and shirk

sleek and languid [languid = lacking energy or vitality; weak]

slight and precarious

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