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guidance and inspiration

gush and hysteria

gusto and effect


habits and humors

habitual and intuitive

hackneyed and tawdry

haggard and pale

handsome and amiable

haphazard and dangerous

happiness and pleasantness

harass and pursue

hard and unsparing

hardships and indignities

harmony and beauty

harsh and austere

hasty and unwarranted

hateful and loathsome

haughtiness and arrogance

hauteur and disdain [hauteur = arrogance]

hazard and peril

hazy and indefinite

headstrong and foolish

healthy and vigorous

hearth and shrine

heartless and hypocritical

heat and impatience

heaviness and weariness

hecklings and interruptions

hectic and pitiful

heretics and schismatics

heritage and privilege

heroism and wisdom

hesitation and irresolution

hideous and grotesque

high and conscientious

hilarity and mirth

hints and suggestions

history and tradition

hither and thither

hoarse and rumbling

hobbies and eccentricities

hollowness and unreality

holy and prayerful

homeliness and simplicity

honestly and confessedly

honors and emoluments [emoluments = compensation]

hooted and mobbed

hopes and prospects

horror and ghastliness

hospitality and magnificence

hubbub and confusion

huge and unwieldy

humane and sympathetic

humility and devoutness

humors and singularities

hurry and bustle

hushed and still

husks and phantoms

hypocrisy and impudence


ideas and achievements

idle and presumptuous

ignoble and shabby

ignominy and misfortune

ignorance and superstition

illiterate and unfit

ill-tempered and unjust

illuminative and suggestive

illustrative and typical

images and impressions

imagination and memory

imbitter and exasperate

imitators and disciples

immature and unpromising

immediate and instantaneous

immensity and intricacy

imminent and terrible

immovable and unchangeable

impalpable and spiritual

impassioned and energetic

impatient and restless

imperfection and fallibility

imperil and destroy

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