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formlessness and exaggeration

fortitude and perseverance

foul and ominous

fragile and pale

fragments and morsels

fragrance and beauty

frailties and absurdities

frank and genial

free and independent

frequent and poignant

freshness and fragrance

fretful and timorous

friend and benefactor

frigid and pompous

frivolous and empty

froth and effervescence

frustrated and confounded

fuddled and contradictory

full and sonorous

fumbling and blundering

fuming and bustling

fun and satire

function and aim

fundamental and necessary

furrowed and ragged

furtive and illusive

fury and madness

fussing and fuming

futile and untrustworthy


gaiety and grace

gallant and proud

galling and humiliating

gaunt and ghastly

gay and genial

general and universal

generosity and prodigality

generous and humane

genial and refreshing

genius and reputation

gentle and amiable

genuine and infectious

germ and root

gesticulation and emphasis
                [gesticulation = deliberate, vigorous motion or gesture]

ghastly and inconceivable

gifts and graces

gigantic and portentous

glamour and fascination

glare and pretension

glib and loquacious [loquacious = very talkative]

glitter and glamour

gloomy and morose

glorious and gorgeous

glowing and exaggerated

glum and grim

goodness and rectitude

goodwill and merriment

gorgeousness and splendor

gossiping and grumbling

govern and overrule

grace and dignity

gracious and generous

gradual and progressive

graft and dishonesty

grand and sublime

grandeur and massiveness

grandiose and oracular [oracular = solemnly prophetic; obscure]

graphic and gorgeous

gratification and enjoyment

gratitude and generosity

gratuitous and ungracious

grave and stately

graveyards and solitudes

greatness and stability

greed and covetousness

grief and remorse

grim and sullen

grimaces and gesticulations

grope and fumble

grossness and brutality

grotesque and monstrous

grouped and combined

growth and development

guesses and fancies

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