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conventional and limited

cool and indifferent

copiousness and vivacity

cordial and cheerful

corruption and decay

costly and gorgeous

counselor and guide

countless and indescribable

courage and endurance

courted and feted

courteous and sympathetic

coveted and deserved

coy and furtive

cramped and distorted

creative and inventive

credulity and ignorance

creeds and dogmas

crime and misdemeanor

crippled and maimed

crises and struggles

crisp and sparkling

critical and skeptical

crowded and jostled

crowned and sceptered

crude and primitive

cruel and rapacious

crumbling and shapeless

crushed and bewildered

cultured and refined

cumbrous and diffuse [cumbrous = cumbersome]

cunning and cruelty

curious and inexpressible

curved and channeled

customs and manners

cynical and contemptuous


dangers and pitfalls

daring and resolute

dark and starless

dart and quiver

dashing and careless

dates and details

dazzled and confounded

debased and demoralized

debilitating and futile

decencies and restraints

deception and cruelty

decided and definite

declamation and delivery

decline and decay

deductions and inferences

deep and subtle

deface and injure

defame and tarnish

deference and concession

defiant and antagonistic

deficient and unskilled

definite and memorable

deft and offensive

degraded and dishonored

deliberate and effective

delicate and lambent [lambent = effortlessly brilliant]

delight and consolation

delusion and trickery

demands and expectations

demeanor and conduct

demoralizing and enfeebling

denial and defense

dense and luminous

denunciations and censures

deplorable and baneful

depravity and frivolity

depressing and discouraging

depth and richness

derision and skepticism

described and classified

desecration and decay

designs and activities

desires and motives

desolation and wretchedness

despatch and resolution

desperation and defiance

despise and satirize

despoiled and destroyed

despondency and melancholy

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