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With whatever opinions we come here

Without going into any details

Without my saying a word more


Yet I am convinced

Yet I am willing to admit

Yet I am willing to conclude

Yet I feel quite free to say

Yet I, for one, do not hesitate to admit

Yet I have never been thoroughly satisfied

Yet I suppose it is worth while

Yet I would have to think

Yet if you were to ask the question

Yet it is instructive and interesting

Yet it is no less true

Yet it is perfectly plain

Yet let me consider what consequences must

Yet may I not remind you

You all know the history of

You and I are always contrasting

You are at a parting of the ways

You are now invited to do honor

You can never forget

You can not assert

You do not need to be told

You have all read the story

You have been gracious enough to assign to me

You have been mindful

You have been pleased to confer upon me

You have but to observe

You have done me great honor

You have no right

You have not forgotten

You have often pondered over

You have sometimes been astonished

You know that it is impossible to

You know the legend which has grown up

You know very well

You may also be assured

You may be acquainted with

You may be sure

You may depend upon it

You may remember

You may well be proud

You may well study the example

You might apply to yourselves

You must not forget

You must understand I do not mean to claim

You ought not to disregard what I say

You remember how

You will allow me to say with becoming brevity

You will be pleased to hear

You will bear me out when I say

You will clearly understand

You will expect me to say something about

You will forgive me

You will join with me, I trust

You will observe

You will pardon me, I am sure

You will scarcely be surprised

You would never dream of urging

You yourselves are the evidence

Your friendly and generous words

Your good sense must tell you

Your presence seems to say




A bewildering labyrinth of facts

A blank absence of interest or sympathy

A bloodless diplomatist

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