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Some of you can recall the time

Some of you may think this visionary

Some of you will remember

Some one will perhaps object

Some prejudice is attached

Some writer has said

Sometimes I venture to think

Sometimes it may happen

Speaking in this place

Startling as this may appear to you

Stating only the truth, I affirm

Still another encouraging fact

Still further

Still I can not part from my subject

Still I have generally found

Still I imagine you would consider it

Still I know what answer I can make to

Still it may with justice be said

Still one thing more

Still we ought to be grateful

Strange as it may seem

Strictly in confidence, I do not think

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing

Such a doctrine is essentially superficial

Such are the rather tolerant ideas

Such considerations as these

Such, I believe, would be the consequences

Such illustrations are not frequent

Such, in brief, is the story

Such is steadfastly my opinion

Such is the deep prejudice now existing

Such is the intellectual view we take

Such is the lesson which I am taught

Such is the progress

Such is the truth

Such, sir, I conceive to be

Such, then, is the true idea

Such, too, is the characteristic of

Suffer me to point out

Suffice it to say here

Summing up what I have said

Suppose we turn our eyes to

Surely I do not misinterpret

Surely it is a paradox

Surely it is not too much for me to say


Take another instance

Take one of the most recent cases

Take the simple fact

Take this example

Taking a broader view

Taking the facts by themselves

That is a further point

That is a natural boast

That is a pure assumption

That is all that it seems necessary to me

That is all very good

That is far from my thoughts

That is final and conclusive

That is the lesson of history

That is the question of questions

That you may conceive the force of

The answer is easy to find

The answer is ready

The belief is born of the wish

The broad principle which I would lay down

The circumstances under which we meet

The climax of my purpose in this address

The common consent of civilized mankind

The conclusion is irresistible

The confusing assertion is sometimes made

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