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One might be challenged to produce

One of the ancients said

One of the most commonly known

One of the most extraordinary incidents

One of the things I recollect with most pride

One of these signs is the fact

One or two points are made clear

One other circumstance

One other remark suggests itself

One remark I will make

One thing more will complete this question

One thing which always impressed me

One very striking tendency

One word in courtesy I must say

One word more in a serious vein

One would naturally suppose

Only so much do I know

Opinions are divided as to whether

Or to come nearer home

Or to take but one other example

Ordinarily speaking, such deductions

Others may hold other opinions

Ought we not to think

Our thoughts wander back

Over and above all this


Pardon me if

Perhaps another reason why

Perhaps, however, in speaking to you

Perhaps, however, some among you will be

Perhaps I may be best able to illustrate

Perhaps I ought to say

Perhaps it may be doubted

Perhaps, sir, I am mistaken in

Permit me frankly to say

Permit me to add another circumstance

Permit me to bring home to you

Personally, I am far too firm a believer

Pray, sir, let me say


Read but your history aright

Recollect, sir

Reflections such as these

Rely upon it

Remember, I do not seek to

Remembering some past occurrences

Returning, then, to the consideration


Seriously, then, do I beg you

Shall I tell you

Shall we complain

Should there be objection, I answer

Since, then, it is provided

Since, then, this is the case

Sir, with all my heart, I respond

So accustomed are we

So at least it seems to me

So far as I know

So far as my observation and experience goes

So far in general

So I say to you

So it comes to pass

So long as we continue to love truth and duty

So men are asking

So much at first sight

So much on this subject

So that I may venture to say

So that if you were persuaded

So then ought we also

So, to add one other example

So, too, I may go on to speak

So when I hear people say

Some have insisted

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