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Now, I am justified in calling this

Now, I am obliged to say

Now, I do not wish you to believe

Now, I have a closing sentence or two

Now, I pass on to consider

Now, I shall not occupy your time

Now, I understand the argument

Now, I will undertake to say

Now, I wish to call your attention

Now, if you will clearly understand

Now, is there any ground or basis for

Now, it is an undoubted fact

Now, it is evident

Now, it is not at all strange

Now, it is unquestioned

Now, let me speak with the greatest care

Now, let me stop a moment

Now, let us consider

Now, observe, my drift

Now, sir, I am truly horrified

Now, the answer we should give

Now, the question here at issue

Now, the world will say

Now, there is a close alliance between

Now, this is precisely the danger

Now, this is to some extent

Now, understand me definitely

Now, we do not maintain

Now, we will inquire

Now, what I want you to realize

Now, with regard to

Now, you will allow me to state

Now, you will understand from this


Observe again

Occasionally you ought to read

Of course I am aware

Of course I am putting an impossible case

Of course I can not be taken to mean

Of course I do not maintain

Of course I do not stop here

Of course I would not allow

Of course much may be said

Of course these remarks hold good

Of course we may, if we please

Of course you will sympathize

Of one thing, however, I am certain

Of this briefly

Of this statement I will only say

Of this truth I shall convince you by

On a review of the whole subject

On occasions of this kind

On such a day as this

On the contrary, I am assuming

On the occasion to which I refer

On the other hand, it is clear

On the whole, then, I observe

On this auspicious occasion

On this point I do not mean to dwell

On this subject you need not suspect

Once again, there are those

Once more I emphasize

Once more let me try to put into words

One additional remark

One almost wishes

One can not decline to note

One concluding remark has to be made

One fact is clear and indisputable

One further word

One important topic remains

One is fairly tempted to wish

One lesson history may be said to repeat

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