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Let us now consider the characteristics

Let us now see the results

Let us now turn our consideration

Let us observe this analogy

Let us pass on to another fact

Let us pause a moment

Let us push the inquiry yet further

Let us rather listen to

Let us reflect how vain

Let us remember this

Let us remind ourselves

Let us resolve

Let us scrutinize the facts

Let us suppose, for argument’s sake

Let us suppose the case to be

Let us take, for instance

Let us, then, be assured

Let us, then, be worthy of

Let us, therefore, say once for all

Let us try to form a mental picture

Let us turn to the contemplation of

Let your imagination realize

Like all citizens of high ideals

Likely enough

Little wonder therefore

Long have I been convinced

Look at it in another way

Look at some of these questions

Look at the situation


Mainly, I believe

Making allowances for differences of opinion

Many of us have had the good fortune

Many of you, perhaps, recollect

May I ask you to believe

May I not speak here

May I try to show that every effort

May I venture to suggest

May it not also be advanced

May the day come quickly

Meantime it is encouraging to think

Meanwhile let us freely recognize

Men are in the habit of saying

Men are telling us nowadays

Men everywhere testify

More and more it is felt

More than once have I had to express

More than this need not be said

Moreover, I have insisted

Moreover, I would counsel you

Moreover, when we pass judgment

Much has been said and written about

My appreciation has been quickened

My belief, therefore, is

My duty is to endeavor to show

My experience tells me

My first duty is to express to you

My friends, do you really believe

My friends, I propose

My heart tells me

My idea, therefore, is

My last criticism upon

My mind is not moved by

My mind most perfectly acquiesces

My next objection is

My own private opinion is

My present business is

My regret is intensified by the thought


Nay, I boldly say

Nay, it will be a relief to my mind

Nay, there is a general feeling

Need I say that I mean

Neither should you deceive

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