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It was certainly a gracious act

It was in the full understanding

It was my good fortune

It was not to be expected

It was said by one who ought to know

It was, therefore, inevitable

It was under these circumstances

It will appeal to

It will appear from what has been said

It will be asked me how

It will be easy to say too much

It will be easy to trace the influence

It will be evident to you

It will be idle to imply

It will be interesting to trace

It will be just as reasonable to say

It will be rather to our advantage

It will be recollected

It will be seen at a glance

It will be well and wise

It will carry out my meaning more fully

It will, I suppose, be denied

It will not be expected from me

It will not be safe

It will not do for a man to say

It will not, I trust, be concluded

It will not surely be objected

It will not take many words to sum up

It will thus be seen

It would be a misfortune

It would be a proud distinction

It would be a very remarkable fact

It would be absurd to pretend

It would be an inexcusable omission

It would be idle for me

It would be imprudent in me

It would be invidious for me [invidious = rousing ill will, animosity]

It would be natural on such an occasion

It would be no less impracticable

It would be out of place here

It would be preposterous to say

It would be presumptuous in me

It would be the height of absurdity

It would be unfair to praise

It would be unjust to deny

It would be well for us to reflect

It would indeed be unworthy

It would seem perhaps most fitting


Just the reverse is true


Language is inadequate to voice my appreciation

Lastly, I do not understand

Lastly, it can not be denied

Less than this could not be said

Lest I should be accused of quibbling

Let all of us labor in this work

Let anyone imagine to himself

Let anyone who doubts

Let everyone consider

Let it be clearly understood, I repeat it

Let it be remembered

Let it not be objected

Let it not be supposed that I impute
                       [impute = relate to a particular cause or source]

Let me add another thing

Let me add my final word

Let me add one other hint

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