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Here we come to the very crux of

Here we have it on high authority

History is replete with predictions

Hitherto I have spoken only of

Holding this view, I am concerned

How can we help believing

How do you account for

How does it happen

How human language staggers when

How infinitely difficult it is

How infinitely superior must it appear

How is this to be explained

How many a time

How momentous, then

How much better, I say, if

How much more rational it would be

How shall I attempt to enumerate

How shall I describe to you

However, I am viewing the matter

However, I will not in any way admit

However, it is to me a very refreshing thing


I abide by my statement

I add a few suggestions

I adduce these facts [adduce = cite as an example]

I admire the main drift of

I admit, of course, at once

I admit the extreme complexity

I again ask

I allude to

I always delight to think

I always will assert the right to

I am a great admirer

I am a little at a loss to know

I am about to supplement

I am agitated by conflicting emotions

I am alarmed, indeed, when I see

I am also bound to say

I am also satisfied

I am apprehensive

I am asked to-night to propose

I am assured and fully believe

I am at a loss for adequate terms

I am bold to say

I am but saying

I am by no means certain

I am certain that you will give me credit

I am certainly in earnest sympathy

I am confronted by the hope

I am conscious of the fact

I am convinced by what I have seen

I am deeply imbued with the conviction

I am deeply insensible of the compliment

I am determined

I am even bold enough to hazard

I am exceeding my necessary limits

I am exceedingly glad of this opportunity

I am extremely obliged to you

I am familiar with

I am far from asserting

I am filled with admiration

I am firmly convinced

I am free to admit

I am fully convinced

I am giving voice to what you all feel

I am glad of this public opportunity

I am glad to answer to the toast

I am glad to express the belief

I am glad to notice

I am going to spare you and myself

I am grateful to you for this honor

I am greatly alarmed

I am greatly indebted to you

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