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You must have misunderstood me

You must not fail to command me

You overwhelm me with your kindness

You really insist upon it?

You rebuke me very fairly

You say that as though you were surprised

You see how widely we differ

You see, it’s all very vague

You see things rose-colored

You seem to be in a happy mood

You seem to take a very mild interest in what I propose

You shock me more than I can say

You speak in enigmas

You speak with authority

You surely understand my position

You take a great deal for granted

You take a pessimistic view of things

You take me quite by surprise

You will admit I have some provocation

You will become morbid if you are not careful

You will have ample opportunity

You will, of course, remember the incident

You will please not be flippant

You will understand my anxiety

Your argument is facile and superficial

Your consideration is entirely misplaced

Your judgments are very sound

Your logic is as clever as possible

Your opinion will be invaluable to me

Your request is granted before it is made

Your statement is somewhat startling




A fact of vast moment

A few words will suffice to answer

A further objection is

A great many people have said

A little indulgence may be due to those

A majority of us believe

A man in my situation has

A more plausible objection is found

A proof of this is

A servile mind can never know

A short time since

A specific answer can be given

A thought occurred to me

Able men have reasoned out

Above all things, let us not forget

Absolutely true it is

Abundant reason is there

Accordingly by reason of this circumstance

Add this instance to

After a careful study of all the evidence

After full deliberation

After reminding the hearer

After this it remains only to say

Again, can we doubt

Again, I ask the gentleman

Again, in this view

Again, it is quite clear that

Again, it is urged

Again, let us compare

Again, very numerous are the cases

Again, we have abundant instances

Against all this concurring testimony

All confess this to be true

All I ask is

All of us know

All that I will say now

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