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Some flash of witty irrelevance

Something curiously suggestive and engaging

Something eminently human beaconed from his eyes

Something full of urgent haste

Something indescribably reckless and desperate in such a picture

Something that seizes tyrannously upon the soul

Sore beset by the pressure of temptation

Specious show of impeccability

Spectacular display of wrath

Spur and whip the tired mind into action

Stale and facile platitudes

Stamped with unutterable and solemn woe

Startled into perilous activity

Startling leaps over vast gulfs of time

Stem the tide of opinion

Stern emptying of the soul

Stimulated to an ever deepening subtlety

Stirred into a true access of enthusiasm

Stony insensibility to the small pricks and frictions of daily life

Strange capacities and suggestions both of vehemence and pride

Strange laughings and glitterings of silver streamlets

Stripped to its bare skeleton

Strode forth imperiously [imperious = arrogantly overbearing]

Struck by a sudden curiosity

Struck dumb with strange surprise

Stung by his thoughts, and impatient of rest

Stung by the splendor of the prospect

Subdued passages of unobtrusive majesty

Sublime indifference to contemporary usage and taste

Submission to an implied rebuke

Subtle indications of great mental agitation

Subtle suggestions of remoteness

Such things as the eye of history sees

Such was the petty chronicle

Suddenly a thought shook him

Suddenly overawed by a strange, delicious shyness

Suddenly smitten with unreality

Suddenly snuffed out in the middle of ambitious schemes

Suffered to languish in obscurity

Sugared remonstrances and cajoleries

Suggestions of veiled and vibrant feeling

Summer clouds floating feathery overhead

Sunk in a phraseological quagmire

Sunk into a gloomy reverie

Sunny silence broods over the realm of little cottages

Supreme arbiter of conduct

Susceptibility to fleeting impressions

Sweet smoke of burning twigs hovered in the autumn day

Swift summer into the autumn flowed


Taking the larger sweeps in the march of mind

Tears of outraged vanity blurred her vision

Teased with impertinent questions

Tenderness breathed from her

Tense with the anguish of spiritual struggle

Terror filled the more remote chambers of his brain with riot

Tethered to earth

That which flutters the brain for a moment

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