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III.  TECHNOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY.—­Industrial Art for Women. 5026

     Photography upon Canvas. 1 figure. 5026

     Detection of Starch Sugar Sirup Mixed with Sugar
     House Molasses. 5026

     False Vermilion. 5026

     The Position of Manganese in Modern Industry.—­By
     M.V.  DESHAEYS.  Ferro-manganese.—­Cupro-manganese.—­
     Manganese bronzes.—­Metallic manganese.—­Manganese
     German silver.—­Phosphorus bronze. 5027

     The Economical Washing of Coal Gas and Smoke.—­M. 
     Chevalet’s method. 5027

     Determination of Nitrogen in Hair, Wool, Dried Blood,
     Flesh Meal, and Leather Scraps.  By Dr. C. KRAUCH. 5028

     Testing White Beeswax for Ceresine and Paraffine.  By
     A. Peltz. 5028

     The Prevention of Alcoholic Fermentation by Fungi. 
     By Prof.  E. Reichard. 5028

     New Reaction of Glycerine. 5028

     Lycopodine. 5028

     Conchinamine. 5028

     Chinoline. 5028

     Preparation of Coniine. 5028

     Strontianite. 5028

 IV.  Miscellaneous.—­Household and Other Recipes. 
     Christmas plum pudding.—­Plum pudding sauce.—­
     National plum pudding and sauce.—­Egg nog.—­Egg
     flip.—­Roast Turkey.—­Woodcock and Snipe.—­Canvas-back
     duck.—­Pheasants.—­Wild ducks.—­Wild fowl
     sauce.—­Brown fricassee of rabbits.—­Orange pudding. 
     —­Venison pastry.—­Christmas red round.—­Plum
     porridge.—­Sugared pears.—­Table beer.—­Mince meat. 
     —­Pumpkin pie.—­Brandy punch.—­Boeuf a la mode.—­
     Punch jelly.—­Orange salad.—­Cranberry jelly.—­Plum
     cake.—­Black cake.—­Potatoes. 5029

     The Bayeux Tapestry Comet. 5030

     Synthetic Experiments on the Artificial Reproduction
     of Meteorites. 5030

  V. Hygiene and Medicine.—­Parangi; a newly described
     disease. 5029

     A Castor Oil Substitute. 5029

     Lack of Sun Light. 5030

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