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Nor is this view peculiar to New-York.  A critical investigation of facts in other cities will develop similar results.  In London, the whole number of churches and chapels of all denominations is estimated at 400.  “If we calculate,” says a late English writer, “that the average attendance is 500; which is certainly the greatest extent we can allow, and add 250 more for the fluctuating hearers, it will give a result of 300,000 persons.  The population of this metropolis is estimated at 1,274,800.  From which subtract the feeble minority above, and we find NINE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-FOUR THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED persons neglecting the public worship of God!  It appears that of the commercial papers published in London on the Sunday, there are circulated, on the lowest estimate, 45,000 copies; and that upon the most moderate computation, between two and three hundred thousand readers of these papers are to be found in the metropolis alone.  While the great number of pressmen, distributers, master-venders, hawkers, and subordinate agents, of both sexes, and of all ages, who are employed on the Sabbath, all tend to the most flagrant breach of the day of rest.”

In the mean time, the number of deaths in New-York is about five thousand annually:  in London, about thirty-three thousand.


The following Gentlemen, (of five different Denominations,) among others, are expected to contribute Sermons for this Work: 

Rev. Drs. Mason, Milnor, Mathews, Spring, and Bangs, and Rev. Mr. De Witt, New-York City; Rev. Dr. Richards, Professor in the Theological Seminary at Auburn; Rev. Dr. Proudfit, Salem; Rev. Dr. Chester, Albany, and Rev. Mr. Beman, Troy; Rev. Dr. M’Dowell, Elizabethtown, N.J.; Rev. Dr. Miller, Professor in Princeton Theological Seminary; Rev. Drs. Green, Staughton, Janeway, and Skinner, and Rev. Mr. Bedell, Philadelphia; Rev. Professor M’Clelland, Dickinson College, Pa.; Rev. Dr. Taylor, Professor in New-Haven Theological Seminary; Rev. Mr. Fitch, Professor of Divinity, Yale College; Rev. Mr. Hawes, Hartford, and Rev. Asahel Nettleton, Killingworth, Con.; Rev. Dr. Wayland, President of Brown University; Rt.  Rev. Bp.  Griswold, Bristol, R.I.; Rev. Dr. Griffin, President of Williams College; Rev. Dr Humphrey, President of Amherst College; Rev. Dr. Beecher, Boston; Rev. Professors Porter_, Woods, and Stuart, of Andover Theological Seminary; Rev. Daniel A. Clark, Bennington, Vt.; Rev. Dr. Bates, President of Middlebury College; Rev. Dr. Matthews, Shepherdstown, and Rev. Dr. Rice, Prince Edward, Virg.; Rev. Dr. Tyler, President of Dartmouth College, N.H. Rev. Dr. Leland, Charleston, S.C.

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