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VOL.  I.

Advertisement to the Reader, Prefixed to the First Octavo Edition v

Advertisement to the Second Octavo Edition xvii

A Vindication of Natural Society:  or, A View of the Miseries and
  Evils arising to Mankind from every Species of Artificial Society 1

A Philosophical Inquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime
  and Beautiful; with an Introductory Discourse concerning Taste 67

A Short Account of a late Short Administration 263

Observations on a late Publication, intituled,
  “The Present State of the Nation” 269

Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents 433


Speech on American Taxation, April 19, 1774 1

Speeches on Arrival at Bristol and at the Conclusion of the Poll,
  October 13 and November 3, 1774 81

Speech on moving Resolutions for Conciliation with America,
  March 22, 1775 99

Letter to the Sheriffs of Bristol, on the Affairs of America,
  April 3, 1777 187

Two Letters to Gentlemen of Bristol, on the Bills depending in
  Parliament relative to the Trade of Ireland, April 23 and
  May 2, 1778 247

Speech on presenting to the House of Commons a Plan for the Better
  Security of the Independence of Parliament, and the Economical
  Reformation of the Civil and other Establishments,
  February 11, 1780 265

Speech at Bristol previous to the Election, September 6, 1780 365

Speech at Bristol on declining the Poll, September 9, 1780 425

Speech on Mr. Fox’s East India Bill, December 1, 1783 431

A Representation to his Majesty, moved in the House of Commons,
  June 14, 1784 537


Speech on the Nabob of Arcot’s Debts, February 28, 1785; 1
  with an Appendix

Substance of Speech on the Army Estimates, February 9, 1790 211

Reflections on the Revolution in France 231


Letter to a Member of the National Assembly, in Answer to some
  Objections to his Book on French Affairs 1

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