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Miss Anthony is to-day the representative of liberty.  In all ages of the world, and during all times, there have been epochs in which some one person took upon their own shoulders the hopes and the sorrows of the world, and in their own person, through many struggles bore them onward.  Suddenly or gradually, as the case might be, men found the rugged path made smooth and the way opened for the world’s rapid advance.  Such an epoch exists now, and such a person is Susan B. Anthony.

To you, men of Ontario county, has come an important hour.  The fates have brought about that you, of all the men in this great land, have the responsibility of this trial.  To you, freedom has come looking for fuller acknowledgement, for a wider area in which to work and grow.  Your decision will not be for Susan B. Anthony alone; it will be for yourselves and for your children’s children to the latest generations.  You are not asked to decide a question under favor, but according to the foundation principles of this republic.  You will be called upon to decide a question according to our great charters of liberty—­the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.  You are to decide, not only on a question of natural right, but of absolute law, of the supreme law of the land.  You are not to decide according to prejudice, but according to the constitution.  If your decision is favorable to the defendant, you will sustain the constitution; if adverse, if you are blinded by prejudice; you will not decide against women alone, but against the United States as well.  No more momentous hour has arisen in the interest of freedom, for the underlying principles of the republic, its warp and woof alike, is the exact and permanent political equality of every citizen of the nation, whether that citizen is native born or naturalized, white or black, man or woman.  And may God help you.



The Right of Trial by Jury.

By JOHN HOOKER, Hartford, Conn.

* * *

The following article was intended for publication in a magazine, but the writer kindly contributed it for publication in this pamphlet.

* * *

In the recent trial of Susan B. Anthony for voting, (illegally, as was claimed, on the ground that as a woman she had no right to vote—­a point which we do not propose to consider,) the course of Judge Hunt, in taking the case from the jury, and ordering a verdict of guilty to be entered up, was so remarkable, so contrary to all rules of law, and so subversive of the system of jury trials in criminal cases, that it should not be allowed to pass without an emphatic protest on the part of every public journal that values our liberties.

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