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I confess indeed that one of those Christians who believe without proofs will not perhaps be capable of convincing an infidel who will say the same of himself.  But those who know the proofs of religion will prove without difficulty that such a believer is truly inspired by God, though he cannot prove it himself.

For God having said in His prophecies (which are undoubtedly prophecies), that in the reign of Jesus Christ He would spread His spirit abroad among nations, and that the youths and maidens and children of the Church would prophesy;[108] it is certain that the Spirit of God is in these, and not in the others.


Instead of complaining that God had hidden Himself, you will give Him thanks for having revealed so much of Himself; and you will also give Him thanks for not having revealed Himself to haughty sages, unworthy to know so holy a God.

Two kinds of persons know Him:  those who have a humble heart, and who love lowliness, whatever kind of intellect they may have, high or low; and those who have sufficient understanding to see the truth, whatever opposition they may have to it.


Proof.—­1.  The Christian religion, by its establishment, having established itself so strongly, so gently, whilst contrary to nature.—­2.  The sanctity, the dignity, and the humility of a Christian soul.—­3.  The miracles of Holy Scripture.—­4.  Jesus Christ in particular.—­5.  The apostles in particular.—­6.  Moses and the prophets in particular.—­7.  The Jewish people.—­8.  The prophecies.—­9.  Perpetuity; no religion has perpetuity.—­10.  The doctrine which gives a reason for everything.—­11.  The sanctity of this law.—­12.  By the course of the world.

Surely, after considering what is life and what is religion, we should not refuse to obey the inclination to follow it, if it comes into our heart; and it is certain that there is no ground for laughing at those who follow it.


Proofs of religion.—­Morality, Doctrine, Miracles, Prophecies, Types.




In the letter On Injustice can come the ridiculousness of the law that the elder gets all.  “My friend, you were born on this side of the mountain, it is therefore just that your elder brother gets everything.”

“Why do you kill me?”


He lives on the other side of the water.


“Why do you kill me?  What! do you not live on the other side of the water?  If you lived on this side, my friend, I should be an assassin, and it would be unjust to slay you in this manner.  But since you live on the other side, I am a hero, and it is just.”


On what shall man found the order of the world which he would govern?[109] Shall it be on the caprice of each individual?  What confusion!  Shall it be on justice?  Man is ignorant of it.

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