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The ethereal corpse may to some extent be revivified for a short period after its death.  Dr. Hartmann says: 

The fresh corpse of a person who has suddenly been killed may be galvanised into a semblance of life by the application of a galvanic battery.  Likewise the astral corpse of a person may be brought back into an artificial life by being infused with a part of the life principle of the medium.  If that corpse is one of a very intellectual person, it may talk very intellectually; and if it was that of a fool it will talk like a fool.[14]

This mischievous procedure can only be carried out in the neighbourhood of the corpse, and for a very limited time after death, but there are cases on record of such galvanising of the ethereal corpse, performed at the grave of the departed person.  Needless to say that such a process belongs distinctly to “Black” Magic, and is wholly evil.  Ethereal corpses, like dense ones, if not swiftly destroyed by burning, should be left in the silence and the darkness, a silence and a darkness that it is the worst profanity to break.


Loka is a Sanskrit word that may be translated as place, world, land, so that Kamaloka is literally the place or the world of Kama, Kama being the name of that part of the human organism that includes all the passions, desires, and emotions which man has in common with the lower animals.[15] In this division of the universe, the Kamaloka, dwell all the human entities that have shaken off the dense body and its ethereal double, but have not yet disentangled themselves from the passional and emotional nature.  Kamaloka has many other tenants, but we are concerned only with the human beings who have lately passed through the gateway of Death, and it is on these that we must concentrate our study.

A momentary digression may be pardoned on the question of the existence of regions in the universe, other than the physical, peopled with intelligent beings.  The existence of such regions is postulated by the Esoteric Philosophy, and is known to the Adepts and to very many less highly evolved men and women by personal experience; all that is needed for the study of these regions is the evolution of the faculties latent in every man; a “living” man, in ordinary parlance, can leave his dense and ethereal bodies behind him, and explore these regions without going through Death’s gateway.  Thus we read in the Theosophist that real knowledge may be acquired by the Spirit in the living man coming into conscious relations with the world of Spirit.

As in the case, say, of an initiated Adept, who brings back upon earth with him the clear and distinct recollection—­correct to a detail—­of facts gathered, and the information obtained, in the invisible sphere of Realities.[16]

In this way those regions become to him matters of

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