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We cannot permit the receipt of Sloane’s Electrical Library to pass by without complimenting you upon the same.  It is a most admirable work.  Should be in the hands of all those who are interested in electricity.

PHILLIPS, ORMONDE & CO., Engineers. Melbourne, Victoria.

I was highly pleased with the copy of Sloane’s Electrical Library, which arrived in good condition.  It is one of the most valuable works I possess in my library.  The use of the Roentgen Rays in my profession has stimulated my desire for electrical knowledge greatly, and I consider Sloane’s “Electrical Dictionary” a first-class book of reference.  I shall be pleased to recommend it to my colleagues in search of such a work.  Yours truly,

P.J.  CLENDINNIN, M.D., Hon. Medical Electrician to the Melbourne Hospital.

Munn & Co., Publishers, New York.

* * * * *


Second Edition, Revised and much Enlarged.

Gas, Gasoline and Oil Engines

By Gardner D. Hiscox, M.E.

The only American Book on the Subject.

This is a book designed for the general information of every one interested in this new and popular motive power, and its adaptation to the increasing demand for a cheap and easily managed motor requiring no licensed engineer.

The book treats of the theory and practice of Gas, Gasoline and Oil Engines, as designed and manufactured in the United States.  It also contains chapters on Horseless Vehicles, Electric Lighting, Marine Propulsion, etc.  Second Edition.  Illustrated by 270 engravings.  Revised and enlarged.

Large octavo. 365 PagesPrice $2.50.

* * * * *


Chapter I.—­Introductory, Historical.  Chapter II.—­Theory of the Gas and Gasoline Engine.  Chapter III.—­Utilization of Heat and Efficiency in Gas Engines.  Chapter IV.—­Heat Efficiencies.  Chapter V.—­Retarded Combustion and Wall Cooling.  Chapter VI.—­Causes of Loss and Inefficiency in Explosive Motors.  Chapter VII.—­Economy of the Gas Engine for Electric Lighting.  Chapter VIII.—­The Material of Power in Explosive Engines, Gas, Petroleum Products and Acetylene Gas.  Chapter IX.—­Carbureters and Vapor Gas for Explosive Motors.  Chapter X.—­Cylinder Capacity of Gas and Gasoline Engines, Mufflers on Gas Engines.  Chapter XI—­Governors and Valve Gear.  Chapter XII.—­Igniters and Exploders, Hot, Tube and Electric.  Chapter XIII.—­Cylinder Lubrication.  Chapter XIV—­On the Management

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