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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 102 pages of information about Scientific American Supplement, No. 1178, June 25, 1898.

I. ARCHAEOLOGY.—­Tombs of the First Egyptian Dynasty—­By LUDWIG BORCHARDT 18767

II.  Anthropology.—­The Milestones of Human Progress 18766

III.  Biography.—­The Queen Regent and Alfonzo XIII.—­1
      illustration 18755

IV.  Botany and horticulture.—­Rose Psyche—­1 illustration 18768

V. Civil engineering.—­The Lock of the Dortmund-Ems Canal
      at Henrichenburg.—­1 illustration 18776

VI.  Electricity.—­The Development of the Central Station—­By
      Samuel Insull 18774

VII.  Marine engineering.—­Steering Gear of North German
      Lloyd Steamers “Coblentz,” “Mainz” and “Trier.”—­2
      illustrations 18777

VIII.  Medicine and Hygiene.—­Sleep and the Theories of its
      Cause 18768

IX.  Miscellaneous
      Engineering Notes. 18771
      Electrical Notes. 18771
      Selected Formulae. 18771

X. Natural history—­Wild and Domestic Sheep in the Berlin
      Zoological Garden.—­8 illustrations 18772

XI.  Patents.—­Patents.—­By James W. See 18773

XII.  Photography.—­Amateur Chronophotographic Apparatus.—­2
      illustrations 18769

XIII.  Steam engineering.—­Combined Steam Pumping and
      Motive Power Engine.—­1 illustration 18778

XIV.  Technology.—­The Reclaiming of Old Rubber.—­By Hawthorne
      Hill 18769

XV.  Warfare.—­The American “Regular.”—­By the English
      correspondent of the London Times on board the United
      States transport “Gussie.” 18776

* * * * *


[Illustration:  The queen Regent and her son, king Alfonso XIII.  Of Spain.]

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