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  2.  Observe that the several cases of adjectives of one ending have the
  same form for all genders excepting in the accusative singular and in
  the nominative and accusative plural.

  3.  Decline vir acer\, legio acris\, animal acre\, ager omnis\,
  scutum omne\, proelium par\.

257. There are a few adjectives of one ending that have consonant stems.  They are declined exactly like nouns with consonant stems.


First learn the special vocabulary, p. 293.

I. The Romans invade the Enemy’s Country. Olim pedites Romani cum equitibus velocibus in hostium urbem iter faciebant.  Ubi non longe afuerunt, rapuerunt agricolam, qui eis viam brevem et facilem demonstravit.  Iam Romani moenia alta, turris validas aliaque opera urbis videre poterant.  In moenibus stabant multi principes.  Principes ubi viderunt Romanos, iusserunt civis lapides aliaque tela de muris iacere.  Tum milites fortes contineri a proelio non poterant et acer imperator signum tuba dari iussit.  Summa vi omnes maturaverunt.  Imperator Sexto legato impedimenta omnia mandavit.  Sextus impedimenta in summo colle conlocavit.  Grave et acre erat proelium, sed hostes non pares Romanis erant.  Alii interfecti, alii capti sunt.  Apud captivos erant mater sororque regis.  Pauci Romanorum ab hostibus vulnerati sunt.  Secundum proelium Romanis erat gratum.  Fortuna fortibus semper favet.

II. 1.  Some months are short, others are long. 2.  To seize the top of the mountain was difficult. 3.  Among the hills of Italy are many beautiful springs. 4.  The soldiers were sitting where the baggage had been placed because their feet were weary. 5.  The city which the soldiers were eager to storm had been fortified by strong walls and high towers. 6.  Did not the king intrust a heavy crown of gold and all his money to a faithless slave?  Yes, but the slave had never before been faithless.

  [Illustration:  AQUILA LEGIONIS]



  [Special Vocabulary]

  adventus, -u:s\, m., _approach, arrival_ (advent)
ante\, prep, with acc., before (ante-date)
  cornu:, -u:s\, n., _horn, wing_ of an army (cornucopia);
a:  dextro:  cornu:\, on the right wing;
    a:  sinistro:  cornu:\, _on the left wing_
equita:tus, -u:s\, m., cavalry
  exercitus, -u:s\, m., _army_
impetus, -u:s\, m., attack (impetus);
    impetum facere in\, with acc., _to make an attack on_
lacus, -u:s, dat. and abl. plur. lacubus\, m., lake
  manus, -u:s\, f., _hand; band, force_ (manual)
portus, -u:s\, m., harbor (port)
  post\, prep, with acc., _behind, after_ (post-mortem)

  cremo:, crema:re, crema:vi:, crema:tus\, _burn_ (cremate)
exerceo:, exerce:re, exercui:, exercitus\, practice, drill, train

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