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  or of quis, quid, interrog.
why, cu:r wicked, malus, -a, -um wide, la:tus, -a, -um width, la:titu:do:, -inis, f. wild beast, fera, -ae, f. willing (be), volo:, velle, volui:, ——­ (Sec. 497) win (a victory), reporto:, 1 wind, ventus, -i:, m. wine, vi:num, -i:, n. wing, cornu:, -u:s, n. winter, hiems, -emis, f. wisdom, co:nsilium, consi’li:, n. wish, cupio:, 3; volo:, velle, volui:, ——­ (Sec. 497);
  wish not, no:lo:, no:lle, no:lui:, ——­ (Sec. 497)
with, cum, with abl.; sometimes abl. alone withdraw, se:  recipere without, sine, with abl. woman, fe:mina, -ae, f.; mulier, -eris, f. wonderful, mi:rus, -a, -um word, verbum, -i:, n. work, labor, -o:ris, m.; opus, -eris, n. worse, peior, peius, comp. of malus worst, pessimus, -a, -um, superl. of malus wound (noun), vulnus, -eris, n. wound (verb), vulnero:, 1 wreath, coro:na, -ae, f. wretched, miser, -era, -erum wrong, iniu:ria, -ae, f.


year, annus, -i:, m. yes, certe:; ita; ve:ro:; or, more usually, repeat the verb (Sec. 210) yonder (that), ille, -a, -ud you, sing. tu:; plur. vo:s (Sec. 480); or not expressed your, sing. tuus, -a, -um; plur. vester, -tra, -trum (Sec. 98.b)


zeal, studium, studi:, n.


The numbers in all cases refer to sections.

a:-declension of nouns, 57, 461
a:-verbs, conjugation of, 488
ablative case, 48, 50
  absolute, 381
  after a comparative, 309
  of accompaniment, 104
  of agent, 181
  of cause, 102
  of description, 444, 445
  of manner, 105
  of means or instrument, 103
  of measure of difference, 317
  of place from which, 179
  of place where, 265
  of separation, 180
  of specification, 398
  of time, 275
accent, 14-16
  abl. of, 104
accusative case, 33
  as subject of the infinitive, 214
  object, 37
  of duration and extent, 336
  of place to which, 263, 266
  predicate, 392
  with prepositions, 340
adjectives, 54, 55
  agreement, 65
    regular, 301
    by adverbs, 302
    irregular, 307, 311, 312, 315
  declension of comparatives, 303
  of first and second declensions, 83, 93, 469
  of third declension, 250-257, 471
  with the dative, 143
adverbs, 319
  comparison, 320, 323
    regular, 320, 321
    irregular, 322, 323
  expressed by the abl. with a: or ab, 181
  of adjectives, 65, 215.a
  of appositives, 81
  of predicate nouns, 76
  of relative pronouns, 224

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