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is; reflexive, suus, -a, -um (Sec. 116) their own, suus, -a, -um (Sec. 116) then, at that time, tum then, in the next place, deinde, tum there, as expletive, not expressed there, in that place, ibi therefore, itaque they, ii:; hi:; isti:; illi:;
  or not expressed
think, arbitror, 1; exi:stimo:, 1; puto:, 1 third, tertius, -a, -um this, hic, haec, hoc; is, ea, id though, cum. with subjv. (Sec. 396) thousand, mi:lle (Sec. 479) three, tre:s, tria (Sec. 479) through, per, with acc. thy, tuus, -a, -um time, tempus, -oris, n. to, sign of dat.;
  ad, in, with acc.;
  expressing purpose, ut, qui:, with subjv.;
  ad, with gerund or gerundive
to each other, inter, with acc. of a reflexive pron. to-day, hodie:  tooth, de:ns, dentis, m. top of, summus, -a, -um tower, turris, -is, f. (Sec. 243.2) town, oppidum, -i:, n. townsman, oppida:nus, -i:, m. trace, vesti:gium, vesti:’gi:, n. trader, merca:tor, -o:ris, m. train, exerceo:, 2 tree, arbor, -oris, f. tribe, ge:ns, gentis, f. troops, co:piae, -a:rum, f. plur. true, ve:rus, -a, -um trumpet, tuba, -ae, f. try, co:nor, 1; tempto:, 1 twelve, duodecim two, duo, duae, duo (Sec. 479)


under, sub, with acc. or abl. undertake, suscipio:, 3 unharmed, incolumis, -e unless, nisi unlike, dissimilis, -e unwilling (be), no:lo:, no:lle, no:lui:, ——­ (Sec. 497) up to, sub, with acc. us, no:s, acc. plur. of ego


very, superl. degree; maxime:; ipse, -a, -um (Sec. 285) victor, victor, -o:ris, m. victory, victo:ria, -ae, f. village, vi:cus, -i:, m. violence, vi:s, (vi:s), f. violently, vehementer voice, vo:x, vo:cis, f.


wage, gero:, 3 wagon, carrus. -i:, m. wall, mu:rus, -i:, m. want, inopia, -ae, f. war, bellum, -i:, n. watch, vigilia, -ae, f. water, aqua, -ae, f. wave, fluctus, -u:s, m. way, iter, itineris, n. (Sec. 468); via, -ae, f. way, manner, modus, -i:, m. we, no:s, plur. of ego; or not expressed weak, i:nfi:rmus, -a, -um weapons, arma, -o:rum, n. plur.; te:la, -o:rum, n. plur. wear, gero:, 3 weary, de:fessus, -a, -um what, quis (qui:), quae, quid (quod) (Sec. 483) when, ubi; cum (Sec. 396); often expressed by a participle where, ubi which, qui:, quae, quod (Sec. 482);
  which of two, uter, utra, utrum (Sec. 108)
while, expressed by a participle whither, quo:  who (rel.), qui:, quae (Sec. 482); (interrog.) quis (Sec. 483) whole, to:tus, -a, -um (Sec. 108) whose, cuius;
  quo:rum, qua:rum, quo:rum, gen. of qui:, quae, quod, rel.;

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