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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 299 pages of information about Latin for Beginners.
see, video:, 2 seek, peto:, 3 seem, videor, 2, passive of video:  seize, occupo:, 1; rapio:, 3 self, ipse, -a, -um (Sec. 286); sui:  (Sec. 281) send, mitto:, 3 set fire to, incendo:, 3 set out, profici:scor, 3 seven, septem Sextus, Sextus, -i:, m. she, ea; haec; ista; illa (Sec. 115);
  or not expressed
ship, na:vis, -is, f. (Sec. 243.1) short, brevis, -e shout, cla:mor, -o:ris, m. show, de:mo:nstro:, 1 Sicily, Sicilia, -ae, f. sick, aeger, -gra, -grum side, latus, -eris, n. siege, obsidio:, -o:nis, f. since, cum, with subjv. (Sec. 396);
  the abl. abs. (Sec. 381)
sing, cano:, 3; canto:, 1 sister, soror, -o:ris, f. sit, sedeo:, 2 size, magnitu:do:, -inis, f. skillful, peri:tus, -a, -um slave, servus, -i:, m. slavery, servitiu:s, -u:tis, f. slow, tardus, -a, -um small, parvus, -a, -um snatch, rapio:, 3 so, ita; si:c; tam so great, tantus, -a, -um so that, ut;
  so that not, ut no:n
soldier, mi:les, -itis, m. some, often not expressed;
  quis (qui:), qua (quae), quid (quod); aliqui:, aliqua, aliquod
some one, quis; aliquis (Sec. 487) some ... others, alii:  ... alii:  (Sec. 110) something, quid; aliquid (Sec. 487) son, fi:lius, fi:li:, m. soon, mox space, spatium, spati:, n. spear, pi:lum, -i:, n. spirited, a:cer, a:cris, a:cre; alacer, alacris, alacre spring, fo:ns, fontis, m. spur, calcar, -a:ris, n. stand, sto:, 1 state, ci:vita:s, -a:tis, f. station, conloco:, 1 steadiness, co:nstantia, -ae, f. stone, lapis, -idis, m. storm, oppugno:, 1 story, fa:bula, -ae, f. street, via, -ae, f. strength, vi:s, (vi:s), f. strong, fortis, -e; validus, -a, -um sturdy, validus, -a, -um such, ta:lis, -e suddenly, subito:  suffer punishment, supplicium do:  sufficiently, satis suitable, ido:neus, -a, -um summer, aesta:s, -a:tis, f. sun, so:l, so:lis, m. supplies, commea:tus, -u:s, m. surrender, tra:do:, 3 suspect, suspicor, 1 swift, celer, -eris, -ere; ve:lo:x, -o:cis sword, gladius, gladi:, m.


take, capture, capio:, 3 take part in, intersum, -esse, -fui:, -futu:rus, with dat. (Sec. 426) take possession of, occupo:, 1 tall, altus, -a, -um task, opus, operis, n. teach, doceo:, 2 teacher, magister, -tri:, m. tear (noun), lacrima, -ae, f. tell, di:co:, 3; na:rro:, 1 ten, decem terrified, perterritus, -a, -um terrify, perterreo:, 2 than, quam that (conj. after verbs of saying and the like), not expressed that (pron.), is; iste; ille that, in order that, in purpose clauses, ut; after verbs of fearing, ne:  (Secs. 349, 366, 372) that not, lest, in purpose clauses, ne:;
  after verbs of fearing, ut (Secs. 349, 366, 372)
the, not expressed their, gen. plur. of

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