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maid, maid servant, ancilla, -ae,_f._ make, facio:, 3 make war upon, bellum i:nfero:  with dat. (Sec. 426) man, homo:, -inis, m. and f.; vir, viri:, m. man-of-war, na:vis longa many, multi:, -ae, -a, plur. of multus march, iter, itineris, n. (Sec. 468) Mark, Ma:rcus, -i:, m. marriage, ma:trimo:nium, ma:trimo:’ni:, n. master, dominus, -i:, m.; magi:ster, -tri:, m. matter, nego:tium, nego:’ti:, n.; re:s, rei:, f. means, by means of, the abl. messenger, nu:ntius, nu:nti:, m. midnight, media nox mile, mi:lle passuum (Sec. 331.b) miles, mi:lia passuum mind, animus, -i:, m.; me:ns, mentis, f. mine, meus, -a, -um mistress, domina, -ae, f. money, pecu:nia, -ae, f. monster, mo:nstrum, -i:, n. month, me:nsis, -is, m. moon, lu:na, -ae, f. more (adj.), plu:s, plu:ris (Sec. 313); or a comparative.  Adverb,
most (adj.), plu:rimus, -a, -um;
  superl. degree.  Adverb, maxime:; plu:rimum
mother, ma:ter, ma:tris, f. mountain, mo:ns, montis, m. move, moveo:, 2 moved, commo:tus, -a, -um much (by), multo:  multitude, multitu:do:, -inis. f. my, meus, -a, -um myself, me:, reflexive.  See self


name, no:men, -inis, n. nation, ge:ns, gentis, f. near, propinquus, -a, -um nearest, proximus, -a, -um nearly, fere:  neighbor, fi:nitimus, -i:, in. neighboring, fi:initimus, -a, -um neither, neque or nec;
  neither ... nor, neque (nec) ... neque (nec)
never, numquam nevertheless, tamen new, novus, -a, -um next day, postri:die:  eius die:i:  next to, proximus, -a, -um night, nox, noctis, f. nine, novem no, minime:; or repeat verb with a negative (Sec. 210) no, none, nu:llus, -a, -um (Sec. 109) no one, ne:mo:, nu:lli:us nor, neque or nec not, no:n not even, ne:  ... quidem not only ... but also, no:n so:lum ... sed etiam nothing, nihil or nihilum, -i:, n. now, nunc number, numerus, -i:, m.


obey, pa:reo:, 2, with dat. (Sec. 153) of, sign of gen.;
  de:, with abl.;
  out of, e:  or ex, with abl.
often, saepe on (of place), in, with abl.;
  (of time) abl. without prep.
on account of, propter, with acc.; or abl. of cause. on all sides, undique once (upon a time), o:lim one, u:nus, -a, -um (Sec. 108) one ... another, alius ... alius (Sec. 110) only (adv.), so:lum; tantum opportune, opportunus, -a, -um opposite, adversus, -a, -um oracle, o:ra:culum, -i:, n. orator, o:ra:tor, -o:ris, m. order, impero:, 1; iubeo:, 2 ornament, o:rna:mentum, -i:, n. other, alius, -a, -ud (Sec. 109) others (the), reliqui:, -o:rum, m. plur. ought, de:beo:, 2 our, noster, -tra, -trum ourselves, no:s, as reflexive object. See self overcome, supero:, 1; vinco:, 3 own (his, her, its, their), suus, -a, -um

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