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I, ego (Sec. 280); or not expressed if, si:.
  if not, nisi
ill, aeger, -gra, -grum immediately, statim in (of place), in, with abl.;
  (of time or of specification) abl. without prep.
in order that, ut, with subjv.;
  in order that not, lest, ne:, with subjv.
in vain, fru:stra:  industry, di:ligentia, -ae, f. inflict injuries upon, iniu:ria:s i:nfero:  with dat. (Sec. 426) inflict punishment on, supplicium su:mo:  de inform some one, aliquem certio:rem facio:  injure, noceo:, 2, with dat. (Sec. 153) injury, iniu:ria, -ae, f. into, in, with acc. intrust, committo:, 3; mando:, 1 invite, voco:, 1 is, used as auxiliary, not translated;
  as a copula, sum (Sec. 494)
island, i:nsula, -ae, f. it, is; hie; iste; ille; or not expressed Italy, Italia, -ae, f. its, eius; huius; isti:us; illi:us;
  reflexive, suus, -a, -um (Sec. 116)
itself, sui:.  See self


join battle, proelium committo:  journey, iter, itineris, n. (Sec. 468) judge (noun), iu:dex, -icis, m. judge (verb), iu:dico:, 1 Julia, Iu:lia, -ae, f. just now, nu:per


keep, contineo:, 2; prohibeo, 2; teneo:, 2 keep on doing something, expressed by the impf. indic. kill, interficio:, 3; neco:, 1; occi:do:, 3 king, re:x, re:gis, m. kingdom, re:gnum, -i:, n. know, cogno:sco:, 3, in perf.; scio:, 4


labor (noun), labor, -o:ris, m. labor (verb), labo:ro:, 1 lack (noun), inopia, -ae, f. lack (verb), egeo:, 2, with abl. (Sec. 180) lady, domina, -ae, f. lake, lacus, -u:s, m. (Sec. 260.2) land, terra, -ae, f. language, lingua, -ae, f. large, inge:ns, -entis; magnus, -a, -um larger, maior, maius lately, nu:per Latona, La:to:na, -ae, f. law, le:x, le:gis, f. lay waste, va:sto:, 1 lead, du:co, 3 leader, dux, ducis, m. and f. learn, know, cogno:sco:, 3 leave, depart from, disce:do:, 3 leave behind, abandon, relinquo:, 3 left, sinister, -tra, -trum legion, legio:, -o:nis, f. legionaries, legio:na:rii:, -o:rum, m. plur. length, longitu:do:, -inis, f. lest, ne:, with subjv. letter (of the alphabet), littera, -ae, f;
  (an epistle) litterae, -a:rum, f. plur.
lieutenant, le:ga:tus, -i:, m. light, lu:x, lu:cis, f. like (adj.), similis, -e like, love, amo:, 1 line of battle, acie:s, acie:i:, f. little, parvus, -a, -um live, habito:, 1; incolo:, 3; vi:vo:, 3 long, longus, -a, -um long, for a long time, diu:  long for, de:si:dero:, 1 look after, cu:ro:, 1 love, amo:, 1

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