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II. 1.  Wicked slave, who is your friend?  Why does he not praise Galba, your master? 2.  My friend is from (ex) a village of Germany, my fatherland. 3.  My friend does not love the people of Italy. 4.  Who is caring for[1] the good horse of Galba, the farmer? 5.  Mark, where is Lesbia, the maidservant? 6.  She is hastening[1] to the little cottage[2] of Julia, the farmer’s daughter.

    [Footnote 1:  See footnote 1, p. 33.  Remember that curat\ is
    transitive and governs a direct object.]

    [Footnote 2:  Not the dative. (Cf.  Sec. 43.)]



  [Special Vocabulary]

NOUNS arma, armo:rum\, n., plur., _arms_, especially defensive weapons fa:ma, -ae\, f., rumor; reputation, fame galea, -ae\, f., _helmet_ praeda, -ae\, f., booty, spoils (predatory) te:lum, -i:\, n., _weapon of offense, spear_

du:rus, -a, -um\, hard, rough; unfeeling, cruel; severe, toilsome
  Ro:ma:nus, -a, -um\, _Roman_.  As a noun, Ro:ma:nus, -i:\, m.,
    a Roman

83. Adjectives of the first and second declensions are declined in the three genders as follows: 

  Nom. bonus bona bonum
  Gen. boni:  bonae boni: 
  Dat. bono:  bonae bono: 
  Acc. bonum bonam bonum
  Abl. bono:  bona:  bono: 
  Voc. bone bona bonum

Nom.  boni:        bonae       bona
Gen.  bono:rum    bona:rum    bono:rum
Dat.  boni:s      boni:s      boni:s
Acc.  bono:s      bona:s      bona
Abl.  boni:s      boni:s      boni:s

    a. Write the declension and give it orally across the page, thus
    giving the three genders for each case.

    b. Decline gratus, -a, -um\; malus, -a, -um\; altus, -a, -um\;
parvus, -a, -um\.

84. Thus far the adjectives have had the same terminations as the nouns.  However, the agreement between the adjective and its noun does not mean that they must have the same termination.  If the adjective and the noun belong to different declensions, the terminations will, in many cases, not be the same.  For example, nauta\, _sailor_, is masculine and belongs to the first declension.  The masculine form of the adjective bonus\ is of the second declension.  Consequently, a good sailor is nauta bonus\.  So, _the wicked farmer_ is agricola malus\.  Learn the following declensions: 

85. nauta bonus (bases naut- bon-), m., the good sailor

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