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daily, coti:die:  danger, peri:culum, -i:, n. daughter, fi:lia, -ae, f. (Sec. 67) day, die:s, -e:i:, m. daybreak, pri:ma lu:x dear, ca:rus, -a, -um death, mors, mortis, f. deed, re:s, rei:, f. deep, altus, -a, -um defeat, calamita:s, -a:tis, f. defend, de:fendo:, 3 delay (noun), mora, -ae, f. delay (verb), moror, 1 demand, postulo:, 1 dense, de:nsus, -a, -um depart, disce:do:, 3; exeo:, 4; profici:scor, 3 dependent, clie:ns, -entis, m. design, co:nsilium, consi’li:  n. desire, cupio:, 3 destroy, de:leo:, 2 Diana, Dia:na, -ae, f. differ, differo:, differre, distuli:, di:la:tus (Sec. 498) different, dissimilis, -e difficult, difficilis, -e difficulty, difficulta:s, -a:tis, f. diligence, di:ligentia, -ae, f. dinner, ce:na, -ae, f. disaster, calamita:s, -a:tis, f. distant (be), absum, -esse, a:fui:, a:futu:rus (Sec. 494) ditch, fossa, -ae, f. do, ago:, 3; facio:, 3;
  when used as auxiliary, not translated
down from, de:, with abl. drag, traho:, 3 drive, ago:, 3 dwell, habito:, 1; incolo:, 3; vi:vo:, 3 dwelling, aedificium, aedifi’ci:, n.


each, quisque, quaeque, quidque (quodque) (Sec. 484) each of two, uterque, utraque, utrumque each other, inter with acc. of a reflexive eager, a:cer, a:cris, a:cre; alacer, alacris, alacre eager (be), studeo:, 2 eagerness, studium, studi:, n. eagle, aquila, -ae, f. easily, facile easy, facilis, -e either ... or, aut ... aut empire, imperium, impe’ri:, n. employ, nego:tium do:  encourage, hortor, 1 enemy, hostis, -is, m. and f.; inimi:cus, -i:, m. enough, satis entire, to:tus, -a, -um (Sec. 108) expectation, opi:nio:, -o:nis, f. eye, oculus, -i:, m.


faithless, perfidus, -a, -um famous, cla:rus, -a, -um far, longe:  farmer, agricola, -ae, m. farther, ulterior, -ius father, pater, patris, m. fatherland, patria, -ae, f. favor, faveo:, 2 favorable, ido:neus, -a,-um; secundus, -a, -um fear, metus, -u:s, m.; timor, -o:ris, m. fear, be afraid, timeo:, 2 few, pauci:, -ae, -a field, ager, agri:, m. fifteen, qui:ndecim fight, contendo:, 3; pugno:, 1 find, reperio:, 4 finish, co:nficio:, 3 fire, ignis, -is, m. (Sec. 243.1) firmness, co:nstantia, -ae, f. first, pri:mus, -a, -um flee, fugio:, 3 flight, fuga, -ae, f. fly, volo:, 1 foe, see enemy follow close after, subsequor, 3 food, cibus, -i:, m. foot, pe:s, pedis, m. foot-soldier, pedes, -itis, m. for (conj.), enim, nam for (prep.), sign of dat.;
  de:, pro:, with abl.;
  to express purpose
, ad, with gerundive;
  implied in acc. of time and of extent of space

for a long time, diu:  forbid, veto:, 1 forces,

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