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Latin for Beginners eBook

This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 299 pages of information about Latin for Beginners.
3, with dat. (Sec. 153) belong to, predicate genitive (Sec. 409) best, optimus, superl. of bonus betray, tra:do:, 3 better, melior, comp. of bonus between, inter, with acc. billow, fluctus, -us, m. bird, avis, -is, f. (Sec. 243.1) blood, sanguis, -inis, m. body, corpus, -oris. n. bold, auda:x, -a:cis; fortis, -e boldly, auda:cter; fortiter boldness, auda:cia, -ae, f. booty, praeda, -ae, f. both, each (of two), uterque, utraque, utrumque both ... and, et ... et boy, puer, -eri:, m. brave, fortis, -e bravely, fortiter bridge, po:ns, pontis, m. bright, cla:rus, -a, -um bring back, reporto:, 1 bring upon, i:nfero:, -ferre, -tuli:, -la:tus, with acc. and dat.
    (Sec. 426)
brother, fra:ter, -tris, m. building, aedificium, aedifi’ci:. n. burn, cremo:, 1; incendo:, 3 business, nego:tium, nego:’ti:, n. but, however, autem, sed by, a:, ab, with abl.;
    denoting means, abl. alone;
    sometimes implied in a participle
by night, noctu: 


Caesar, Caesar, -aris, m. calamity, calamita:s, -a:tis, f. call, voco:, 1; appello:, 1; no:mino:, 1 call together, convoco:, 1 camp, castra, -o:rum, n. plur. can, could, possum, posse, potui:, ——­ (Sec. 495) capture, capio:, 3; occupo:, 1 care, cu:ra, -ae, f. care for, cu:ro:, 1 careful, attentus, -a, -um carefulness, di:ligentia, -ae, f. carry, fero:, ferre, tuli:, la:tus (Sec. 498); porto:, 1 carry on, gero:, 3 cart, carrus, -i:, m. cause, causa, -ae, f. cavalry, equita:tus, -u:s, m. cease, cesso:, 1 Cepheus, Ce:pheus, -i:, m. certain (a), qui:dam, quaedam, quoddam (quiddam) (Sec. 485) chicken, galli:na, -ae, f. chief, pri:nceps, -cipis, m. children, li:beri:, -o:rum, m. plur. choose, de:ligo:, 3 choose, elect, creo:, 1 citizen, ci:vis, -is, m. and f. (Sec. 243.1) city, urbs, urbis, f. clear, cla:rus, -a, -um cohort, cohors, -rtis, f. come, venio:, 4 command, impero:, 1, with dat. (Sec. 45);
  iubeo:, 2;
  praesum, with dat. (Sec. 426)
commit, committo:, 3 commonwealth, re:s pu:blica, rei:  pu:blicae concerning, de:, with abl. conquer, supero:, 1; vinco:, 3 construct (a ditch), perdu:co:, 3 consul, co:nsul, -ulis, m. contrary to, contra:, with acc. Corinth, Corinthus, -i:, f. Cornelia, Corne:lia, -ae, f. Cornelius, Corne:lius, Corne:’li, m. corselet, lo:ri:ca, -ae, f. cottage, casa, -ae, f. country, as distinguished from the city, ru:s, ru:ris, n.;
  as territory
, fi:ne:s, -ium, m., plur. of fi:nis
courage, virtu:s, -u:tis, f. crime, scelus, -eris, n. cross, tra:nseo:, 4 (Sec. 499) crown, coro:na, -ae, f.


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