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a, an, commonly not translated able (be), possum, posse, potui:, ——­(Sec. 495) abode, domicilium, domici’li:, n. about (adv.), circiter about (prep.), de:, with abl. about to, expressed by fut. act. part. abundance, co:pia, -ae, f. across, tra:ns, with acc. active, a:cer, a:cris, a:cre advance, pro:gredior, 3 advantage, u:sus, -u:s, m. advise, moneo:, 2 after (conj.), postquam; often expressed by the perf. part. after (prep.), post, with acc. against, in, contra:, with acc. aid, auxilium, auxi’li:, n. all, omnis, -e; to:tus, -a, -um (Sec. 108) allow, patior, 3 ally, socius, soci:, m. almost, paene; fere:  alone, u:nus, -a, -um; so:lus, -a, -um (Sec. 108) already, iam also, quoque always, semper ambassador, le:ga:tus, -i:, m. among, apud, with acc. ancient, anti:quus, -a, -um and, et; atque (ac); -que and so, itaque Andromeda, Andromeda, -ae, f. angry, i:ra:tus, -a, um animal, animal, -a:lis, n. announce, nu:ntio:, 1 annoying, molestus, -a, -um another, alius, -a, -ud (Sec. 109) any, u:llus, -a, -um (Sec. 108) any one, anything, quisquam, quicquam or quidquam (Sec. 486) appearance, fo:rma, -ae, f. appoint, creo:, 1 approach, adpropinquo:, 1, with dat. are, used as auxiliary, not translated; as a copula, sum (Sec. 494) arise, orior, 4 arm, bracchium, bracchi:, n. armed, arma:tus, -a, -um arms, arma, -o:rum, n. plur. army, exercitus, -u:s, m. around, circum, with acc. arrival, adventus, -us, m. arrow, sagitta, -ae, f. art of war, re:s mi:lita:ris as possible, expressed by quam and superl.. ask, peto:, 3; quaero:, 3; rogo:, 1 assail, oppugno:, 1 at, in, with acc. or abl.;
  with names of towns, locative case or abl. without a preposition

    (Sec. 268);
  time when, abl.
at once, statim at the beginning of summer, inita:  aesta:te Athens, Athe:nae, -a:rum, f. attack, impetus, -us, m. attempt, co:nor, 1; tempto:, 1 away from, a:  or ab, with abl.


bad, malus, -a, -um baggage, impedi:menta, -o:rum, n. plur. bank, ri:pa, -ae, f. barbarians, barbari:, -o:rum, m. plur. battle, proelium, proeli:, n.; pugna, -ae. f. be, sum (Sec. 494) be absent, be far, absum (Sec. 494) be afraid, timeo:, 2; vereor, 2 be away, absum (Sec. 494) be in command of, praesum, with dat. (Secs. 494, 426) be informed, certior fi:o:  be off, be distant, absum (Sec. 494) be without, egeo:, with abl. (Sec. 180) beast (wild), fera, -ae, f. beautiful, pulcher, -chra, -chrum because, quia; quod because of, propter, with acc.; or abl. of cause before, heretofore (adv.), antea:  before (prep.), ante, with acc.; pro:, with abl. begin, incipio:, 3 believe, cre:do:,

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