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(Sec. 350.1)
uter, -tra, -trum (gen. -i:us, dat. -i:), interrog. pron. which of
    two? which?
(Sec. 108)
uterque, utraque, utrumque, indef. pron. each of two, each, both.
    ab utra:que parte, on both sides
u:tilis, -e, adj. [[u:tor, use]], useful utrimque, adv. [[uterque, each of two]], on each side, on either

u:va, -ae, f. grape, bunch of grapes uxor, -o:ris, f. wife


va:gi:na, -ae, sheath, scabbard vagor, -a:ri:, -a:tus sum, dep. verb, wander valeo:, -e:re, -ui:, -itu:rus, be powerful, be well; in the imperative
    as a greeting, farewell.
  plu:rimum vale:re, have the most power
vale:tu:do:, -inis, f. [[valeo:, be well]], health validus, -a, -um, adj. [[cf. valeo:, be strong]], strong, able,

valle:s, -is, f. valley va:llum, -i:, n. rampart, earthworks varius, -a, -um, adj. bright-colored va:sto:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus [[va:stus, empty]], (make empty),
    devastate, lay waste

vecti:gal, -a:lis, n. tax, tribute vehementer, adv. [[veheme:ns, eager]], compared vehementius,
    vehementissime:, eagerly, vehemently
veho:, -ere, vexi:, vectus, convey, carry.  In the passive often in the
    sense of ride, sail
vel, conj. or.
  vel ... vel, either ... or.  Cf. aut
ve:lo:cita:s, -a:tis, f. [[ve:lo:x, swift]], swiftness ve:lo:x, -o:cis, adj. swift, fleet ve:lum, -i:, n. sail ve:ndo:, -ere, ve:ndidi:, ve:nditus, sell venio:, -i:re, ve:ni:, ventus, come, go ventus, -i:, m. wind verbum, -i:, n. word.
  verba facere pro:, speak in behalf of
vereor, -e:ri:, -itus sum, dep. verb, fear; reverence, respect
    (Sec. 493).  Cf. timeo: 
Vergilius, Vergi’li:, m. Vergil, the poet vergo:, -ere, ——­, ——­, turn, lie ve:ro:, adv. [[ve:rus, true]], in truth, surely; conj. but,
  tum ve:ro:, then you may be sure, introducing the climax of a story
verto:, -ere, -ti:, -sus, turn, change.
  tergum vertere, retreat, flee
ve:rus, -a, -um, true, actual vesper, -eri:, m. evening vester, -tra, -trum, possessive adj. and pron. your, yours (Sec. 98) vesti:gium, vesti:’gi:, n. [[cf. vesti:go:, track]], footstep, track,

vesti:mentum, -i:, n. [[vestis, clothing]], garment vestio:, -i:re, -i:vi:, -i:tus [[vestis, clothing]], clothe, dress vestis, -is, f. clothing, attire, garment, robe vesti:tus, -a, -um, adj. [[part. of vestio:, clothe]], clothed Vesuvius, Vesu’vi, m. Vesuvius, the volcano near Pompeii.  See map vetera:nus, -a, -um, adj. old, veteran veto:, -a:re, -ui:,

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