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+ du:co:,
    lead]], lead across
traho:, -ere, tra:xi:, tra:ctus, draw, pull, drag.
  multum trahere, protract, prolong much
tra:-icio:, -ere, -ie:ci:, -iectus [[tra:ns, across, + iacio:,
    hurl]], throw across; transfix
tra:-no:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus [[tra:ns, across, + no:, swim]],
    swim across
tra:ns, prep. with acc. across, over (Sec. 340) tra:ns-eo:, -i:re, -ii:, -itus [[tra:ns, across, + eo:, go]], go
    across, cross
(Sec. 413)
tra:ns-fi:go:, -ere, -fi:xi:, -fi:xus [[tra:ns, through, + fi:go:,
    drive]], transfix
tra:nsitus, ——­ (acc. -um, abl. -u:), m. [[cf. tra:nseo:, cross
]], passage across
tre:s, tria, numeral adj. three (Sec. 479) tri:duum, tri:dui:, n. [[tre:s, three, + die:s, days]], three
    days’ time, three days

tri:ginta:, indecl. numeral adj. thirty triplex, -icis, adj. threefold, triple tri:stis, -e, adj. sad; severe, terrible tri:stitia, -ae, f. [[tri:stis, sad]], sadness, sorrow triumpho:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus [[triumphus, triumph]], celebrate a

triumphus, -i:, m. triumphal procession, triumph.
  triumphum agere, celebrate a triumph
truci:do:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus, cut to pieces, slaughter. Cf.
    interficio:, neco:, occi:do: 
tu:, tui:  (plur. vo:s), pers. pron. thou, you (Sec. 480) tuba, -ae, f. trumpet Tullia, -ae, f. Tullia, a Roman name tum, adv. then, at that time turris, -is, f. tower (Sec. 465.2) tu:tus, -a, -um, adj. safe tuus, -a, -um, possessive adj. and pron. your, yours (Sec. 98)


ubi, rel. and interrog. adv. where, when u:llus, -a, -um (gen. -i:us, dat. -i:), adj. any (Sec. 108) ulterior, -ius, -o:ris, adj. in comp. degree, superl. ultimus,
    farther, more remote (Sec. 315)
ultimus, -a, -um, adj. in superl. degree (see ulterior), farthest
    (Sec. 315)
umbra, -ae, f. shade umerus, -i:, m. shoulder umquam, adv. ever, at any time u:na:, adv. [[u:nus, one]], in the same place, at the same time u:ndecimus, -a, -um, numeral adj. [[u:nus, one, + decimus,
    tenth]], eleventh
undique, adv. from every quarter, on all sides, everywhere u:nus, -a, -um (gen. -i:us, dat. -i:), numeral adj. one; alone
    (Sec. 108)
urbs, -is, f. city (Sec. 465.a) urgeo:, -e:re, ursi:, ——­, press upon, crowd, hem in u:rus, -i:, m. wild ox, urus u:sque, adv. all the way, even u:sus, -u:s, m. use, advantage ut, conj. with the subjv. that, in order that, that not (with verbs
    of fearing), so that, to

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