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T., abbreviation of Titus taberna, -ae, f. shop, stall tabula, -ae, f. tablet for writing ta:lis, -e, adj. such.
  ta:lis ... qua:lis, such ... as
tam, adv. so, such.  Cf. ita, si:c tamen, adv. yet, however, nevertheless tandem, adv. at length, finally tango:, -ere, tetigi:, ta:ctus, touch tantum, adv. [[tantus]], only tantus, -a, -um, adj. so great, such.
  tantus ... quantus, as large as
tardus, -a, -um, adj. slow, late; lazy Tarpe:ia, -ae, f. Tarpeia (pronounced Tar-pe:’ya), the maiden who
    opened the citadel to the Sabines
Tarquinius, Tarqui’ni:, Tarquin, a Roman king.  With the surname
    Superbus, Tarquin the Proud
Tarraci:na, -ae, f. Tarraci’na, a town in Latium.  See map taurus, -i:, m. bull te:ctus, -a, -um, adj. [[part. of tego:, cover]], covered,

te:lum, -i:, n. weapon temere:, adv. rashly, heedlessly tempesta:s, -a:tis, f. [[tempus, time]] storm, tempest templum, -i:, n. temple, shrine tempto, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus, try, test; make trial of, attempt tempus, -oris, n. time (Sec. 464.2.b).
  in reliquum tempus, for the future
teneo:, -e:re, tenui:, ——­, hold, keep tergum, -i:, n. back, a:  tergo:, on the rear, tergum vertere, retreat, flee terni:, -ae, -a, distributive numeral adj. three each, by threes
    (Sec. 334)
terra, -ae, f. earth, ground, land.
  orbis terra:rum, the whole world
terror, -o:ris, m. [[cf. terreo:, frighten]], dread, alarm, terror tertius, -a, -um, numeral adj. third Teutone:s, -um, m. the Teutons thea:trum, -i:, n. theater The:bae, -a:rum, f. Thebes, a city of Greece The:ba:ni:, -o:rum, m. Thebans, the people of Thebes thermae, -a:rum, f. plur. baths Thessalia, -ae, f. Thessaly, a district of northern Greece Thra:cia, -ae, f. Thrace, a district north of Greece Tiberius, Tibe’ri:, m. Tiberius, a Roman first name ti:bi:cen, -i:nis, m. [[cf. ti:bia, pipe]], piper, flute player timeo:, -e:re, -ui:, ——­, fear, be afraid of.  Cf. vereor timor, -o:ris, m. [[cf. timeo:, fear]], fear, dread, alarm
    Cf. metus
Ti:ryns, Ti:rynthis, f. Ti’ryns, an ancient town in southern Greece,
    where Hercules served Eurystheus
toga, -ae, f. [[cf. tego:, cover]], toga tormentum, -i:, n. engine of war totie:ns, adv. so often, so many times to:tus, -a, -um, (gen. -i:us, dat. -i:), adj. all, the whole,
(Sec. 108)
tra:-do:, -ere, -didi:, -ditus [[tra:ns, across, + do:, deliver]],
    give up, hand over, surrender, betray
tra:-du:co:, -ere, -du:xi:, -ductus [[tra:ns, across,

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