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+ vincio:,
    bind]], fasten
re:x, re:gis, m. [[cf. rego:, rule]], king Rhe:nus, -i:, m. the Rhine, a river of Germany ri:pa, -ae, f. bank rogo:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus, ask.  Cf. peto:, postulo:, quaero:  Ro:ma, -ae, f. Rome.  See map Ro:ma:nus, -a, -um, adj. [[Ro:ma, Rome]], Roman, follows its noun. 
    As a noun, m. and f. a Roman
rosa, -ae, f. rose ro:strum, -i:, n. beak of a ship.  In plur., the rostra, the
    speaker’s stand in the Roman Forum
rota, -ae, f. wheel Rubico:, -o:nis, m. the Rubicon, a river in northern Italy.  See map ru:mor, -o:ris, m. report, rumor ru:rsus, adv. [[for reversus, turned back]], again, in turn ru:s, ru:ris (locative abl. ru:ri:, no gen., dat., or abl. plur.), n.
    the country (Sec. 501.36.1).  Cf. ager, patria, terra


Sabi:nus, -a, -um, adj. Sabine.  As a noun, m. and f. a Sabine.  The
    Sabines were an ancient people of central Italy.  See map
sacrum, -i:, n. [[sacer, consecrated]], something consecrated,
usually in plur., religious rites
saepe, adv., compared saepius, saepissime:, often, frequently saevus, -a, -um, adj. cruel, savage sagitta, -ae, f. arrow salio:, -i:re, -ui:, saltus, jump salu:s, -u:tis, f. safety; health.
  salu:tem di:cere, send greetings
salu:to:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus [[salu:s, health]], greet, salute salve:, imv. of salveo:, hail, greetings sanguis, -inis, m. blood (Sec. 247.2.a] sa:nita:s, -a:tis, f. [[sa:nus, sound]], health, sanity sapie:ns, -entis, adj. [[part. of sapio:, be wise]], wise,

satis, adv. and indecl. noun, enough, sufficient, sufficiently saxum, -i:, n. rock, stone scelus, -eris, n. crime, sin sce:ptrum, -i:, n. scepter schola, -ae, f. school, the higher grades.  Cf. lu:dus scientia, -ae, f. [[scie:ns, knowing]], skill, knowledge, science scindo:, -ere, scidi:, scissus, cut, tear scio:, -i:re, -i:vi:, -i:tus, know (Sec. 420.b).  Cf. cogno:sco:  scri:bo:, -ere, scri:psi:, scri:ptus, write scu:tum, -i:, n. shield, buckler se:, see sui:  se:cum = se:  + cum secundus, -a, -um, adj. [[sequor, follow]], following, next,
    second; favorable, successful
  re:s secundae, prosperity
sed, conj. but, on the contrary.
  no:n so:lum ... sed etiam, not only ... but also
se:decim, indecl. numeral adj. sixteen sedeo:, -e:re, se:di:, sessus, sit semper, adv. always, forever sena:tus, -u:s, m. [[cf. senex, old]], council of elders, senate sentio:, -i:re, se:nsi:, se:nsus, feel, know, perceive (Sec. 420.d). 

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