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qua:  de:  causa:, for this reason, wherefore qua:  re:, therefore, for this reason quaero:, -ere, -si:vi:, -si:tus, seek, ask, inquire.  Cf. peto:, postulo:,
qua:lis, -e, interrog. pronom. adj. of what sort, what kind of.
    talis ... qualis, such ... as
quam, adv. how; after a comparative, than; with a superlative,
    translated as ... as possible, quam pri:mum, as soon as possible
quantus, -a, -um, adj. [[quam, how]], how great, how much,
    tantus ... quantus, as great as
qua:rtus, -a, -um, numeral adj. [[quattuor, four]], fourth quattuor, indecl. numeral adj. four quattuor-decim, indecl. numeral adj. fourteen -que, conj., enclitic, and (Sec. 16).  Cf. ac, atque, et qui:, quae, quod, rel. pron. and adj. who, which, what, that (Sec.
quia, conj. because.  Cf. quod qui:dam, quaedam, quiddam (quoddam), indef. pron. and adj. a certain
    one, a certain, a
(Sec. 485).
quidem, adv. to be sure, certainly, indeed, ne:  ... quidem, not

quie:s, -e:tis, f. rest, repose quie:tus, -a, -um, adj. quiet, restful qui:ndecim, indecl. numeral adj. fifteen qui:ngenti:, -ae, -a, numeral adj. five hundred qui:nque, indecl. numeral adj. five qui:ntus, -a, -um, numeral adj. fifth quis (qui:), quae, quid (quod), interrog. pron. and adj. who? what?
(Sec. 483).
quis (qui:), qua (quae), quid (quod), indef. pron. and adj., used after
    si:, nisi, ne:, num, any one, anything, some one, something, any,
(Sec. 484).
quisquam, quicquam or quidquam (no fem. or plur.), indef. pron. any
(at all), anything (at all) (Sec. 486).
quisque, quaeque, quidque (quodque), indef. pron. and adj. each, each
    one, every
(Sec. 484).
quo:, interrog. and rel. adv. whither, where quo:, conj. in order to, that, with comp. degree (Sec. 350). quod, conj. because, in that.  Cf. quia quoque, conj., following an emphatic word, also, too.  Cf. etiam quot-anni:s, adv. [[quot, how many + annus, year]], every
    year, yearly

quotie:ns, interrog. and rel. adv. how often? as often as


ra:di:x, -i:cis, f. root; foot rapio:, -ere, -ui:, -tus, seize, snatch ra:ro:, adv. [[ra:rus, rare]], rarely ra:rus, -a, -um, adj. rare re- or red-, an inseparable prefix, again, back, anew, in return rebellio:, -o:nis, f. renewal of war, rebellion rece:ns, -entis, adj. recent re-cipio:, -ere, -ce:pi:, -ceptus [[re-, back, + capio:, take]],
    take back, receive.
  se:  recipere, withdraw, retreat

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