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    run towards; meet, with dat. (Sec. 426)
o:ceanus, -i:, m. the ocean octo:, indecl. numeral adj. eight oculus, -i:, m. eye officium, offi’ci:, n. duty o:lim, adv. formerly, once upon a time o:men, -inis, n. sign, token, omen o:-mitto:, -ere, -mi:si:, -missus [[ob, over, past, + mitto:,
    send]], let go, omit.
  consilium omittere, give up a plan
omni:no:, adv. [[omnis, all]], altogether, wholly, entirely omnis, -e, adj. all, every. Cf. to:tus onera:ria, -ae, f. [[onus, load]], with na:vis expressed or
    understood, merchant vessel, transport
onus, -eris, n. load, burden opi:nio:, -o:nis, f. [[opi:nor, suppose]], opinion, supposition,

oppida:nus, -i:, m. [[oppidum, town]], townsman oppidum, -i:, n. town, stronghold opportu:nus, -a, -um, adj. suitable, opportune, favorable op-primo:, -ere, -pressi:, -pressus [[ob, against, + premo:,
    press]], (press against), crush; surprise
oppugna:tio:, -o:nis, f. storming, assault oppugno:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus [[ob, against, + pugno:  fight]],
    fight against, assault, storm, assail
optime:, adv. in superl. degree, compared bene, melius, optime:, very
    well, best of all
(Sec. 323)
optimus, -a, -um, adj. in superl. degree, compared bonus, melior,
    optimus, best, most excellent (Sec. 311)
opus, -eris, n. work, labor, task (Sec. 464.2.b) o:ra:culum, -i:, n. [[o:ro:, speak]], oracle o:ra:tor, -o:ris, m. [[o:ro:, speak]], orator orbis, -is, m. ring, circle.
  orbis terra:rum, the earth, world
orbita, -ae, f. [[orbis, wheel]], rut Orcus, -i:, m. Orcus, the lower world o:rdo:, -inis, m. row, order, rank (Sec. 247.2.a) ori:go, -inis, f. [[orior, rise]], source, origin orior, -i:ri:, ortus sum, dep. verb, arise, rise, begin; spring, be

o:rna:mentum, -i:, n. [[o:rno:, fit out]], ornament, jewel o:rna:tus, -a, -um, adj. [[part. of o:rno:, fit out]] fitted out;

o:rno:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus, fit out, adorn


P., abbreviation for Pu:blius paene, adv. nearly, almost palu:da:mentum, -i:, n. military cloak palu:s, -u:dis, f. swamp, marsh pa:nis, -is, m. bread pa:r, paris, adj. equal (Sec. 471.  III) para:tus, -a, -um, adj. [[part. of paro:, prepare]], prepared,

parco:, -ere, peper’ci:  (parsi:), parsu:rus, spare, with dat. 
    (Sec. 501.14)
pa:reo:, -e:re, -ui:, ——­, obey, with dat. (Sec. 501.14) paro:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus, prepare for, prepare; provide, procure pars,

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