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  terrae mo:tus, earthquake
moveo:, -e:re, mo:vi:, mo:tus, move mox, adv. soon, presently mulier, -eris, f. woman multitu:do:, -inis, f. [[multus, much]], multitude multum (multo:), adv. [[multus, much]], compared plu:s, plu:rimum,
    much (Sec. 477)
multus, -a, -um, adj., compared plu:s, plu:rimus, much; plur. many
    (Sec. 311)
mu:nio:, -i:re, -i:vi:  or -ii:, -i:tus, fortify, defend mu:ni:tio:, -o:nis, f. [[mu:nio:, fortify]], defense, fortification mu:rus, -i:, m. wall.  Cf. moenia mu:sica, -ae, f. music


nam, conj. for.  Cf. enim nam-que, conj., a strengthened nam, introducing a reason or
    explanation, for, and in fact; seeing that
na:rro:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus, tell, relate na:scor, na:sci:, na:tus sum, dep. verb, be born, spring from na:tu:ra, -ae, f. nature na:tus, part. of na:scor nauta, -ae, m. [[for na:vita, from na:vis, ship]], sailor na:va:lis, -e, adj. [[na:vis, ship]], naval na:vigium, na:vi’gi:, n. ship, boat na:vigo:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus [[na:vis, ship, + ago:, drive]],
    sail, cruise
na:vis, -is (abl. -i:  or -e), f. ship (Sec. 243.1).
    na:vem co:nscendere, embark, go on board.
    na:vem solvere, set sail.
    na:vis longa, man-of-war
ne:, conj. and adv. in order that not, that (with verbs of fearing),
    lest; not.
  ne:  ... quidem, not even
-ne, interrog. adv., enclitic (see Secs. 16, 210).  Cf. no:nne and num nec or neque, conj. [[ne:, not, + que, and]], and not, nor.
  nec ... nec or neque ... neque, neither ... nor
necessa:rius, -a, -um, adj. needful, necessary neco:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus [[cf. nex, death]], kill.  Cf. interficio:,
    occi:do:, truci:do: 
nego:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus, deny, say not (Sec. 420.a) nego:tium, nego:’ti:, n. [[nec, not, + o:tium, ease]], business,
    affair, matter
  alicui nego:tium dare, to employ some one
Nemaeus, -a, -um, adj. Neme’an, of Neme’a, in southern Greece ne:mo, dat. ne:mini:  (gen. nu:lli:us, abl. nu:llo:, supplied from
    nu:llus), m. and f. [[ne:, not, + homo:, man]], (not a man),
    no one, nobody

Neptu:nus, -i:, m. Neptune, god of the sea, brother of Jupiter neque, see nec neuter, -tra, -trum (gen. -tri:us, dat. -tri:), adj. neither (of
    two) (Sec. 108)
ne:-ve, conj. adv. and not, and that not, and lest nihil, n. indecl. [[ne:, not, + hi:lum, a whit]], nothing.
  nihil posse, to have no power
nihilum, -i:, n., see nihil Niobe:, -e:s, f. Ni’obe, the queen of Thebes whose children were

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