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distant, remote longitu:do:, -inis, f. [[longus, long]], length longus, -a, -um, adj. long loquor, loqui, locu:tus sum, dep. verb, talk, speak lo:ri:ca, -ae, f. [[lo:rum, thong]], coat of mail, corselet lu:do:, -ere, lu:si:, lu:sus, play lu:dus, -i:, m. play; school, the elementary grades.  Cf. schola lu:na, -ae, f. moon lu:x, lu:cis, f. (no gen. plur.), light.
  pri:ma lu:x, daybreak
Ly:dia, -ae, f. Lydia, a girl’s name


M., abbreviation for Ma:rcus magicus, -a, -um, adj. magic magis, adv. in comp. degree [[magnus, great]], more, in a higher
(Sec. 323)
magister, -tri:, m. master, commander; teacher magistra:tus, -u:s, m. [[magister, master]], magistracy;

magnitu:do:, -inis, f. [[magnus, great]], greatness, size magnopere, adv. [[abl. of magnum opus]], compared magis, maxime:,
    greatly, exceedingly (Sec. 323)
magnus, -a, -um, adj., compared maior, maximus, great, large;
    strong, loud
(Sec. 311)
maior, maius, -o:ris, adj., comp. of magnus, greater, larger (Sec.
maio:re:s, -um, m. plur. of maior, ancestors ma:lo:, ma:lle, ma:lui:, ——­ [[magis, more, + volo:, wish]], wish
    more, prefer
(Sec. 497)
malus, -a, -um, adj., compared peior, pessimus, bad, evil (Sec. 311) mando:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus [[manus, hand, + do:, put]], (put in
    hand), intrust; order, command

maneo:, -e:re, ma:nsi:, ma:nsu:rus, stay, remain, abide Ma:nlius, Ma:nli:, m. Manlius, a Roman name ma:nsue:tus, -a, -um, adj. [[part. of ma:nsue:sco:, tame]], tamed manus, -u:s, f. hand; force, band Ma:rcus, -i:, m. Marcus, Mark, a Roman first name mare, -is, n. (no gen. plur.), sea.
  mare tene:re, be out to sea
margo:, -inis, m. edge, border mari:tus, -i:, m. husband Marius, Mari:, m. Marius, a Roman name, esp. C.  Marius, the general Ma:rtius, -a, -um, adj. of Mars, esp. the Campus Martius ma:ter, -tris, f. mother ma:trimo:nium, ma:trimo:’ni:, n. marriage.
  in ma:trimo:nium du:cere, marry
ma:tu:ro:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus, hasten.  Cf. contendo:, propero:  ma:tu:rus, -a, -um, adj. ripe, mature maxime:, adv. in superl. degree [[maximus, greatest]], compared
    magnopere, magis, maxime:, especially, very much (Sec. 323)
maximus, -a, -um, adj., superl. of magnus, greatest, extreme
    (Sec. 311)
medius, -a, -um, adj. middle part; middle, intervening melior, -ius, -o:ris, adj., comp. of bonus, better (Sec. 311) melius, adv. in comp. degree, compared bene, melius, optime:,
    better (Sec. 323)

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