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genus, -eris, n. kind, variety
Germa:nia, -ae, f. Germany
Germa:nus, -i:, m. a German
gero:, -ere, gessi:, gestus, carry, wear; wage.
  bellum gerere, wage war.
  re:s gestae, exploits.
  bene gerere, carry on successfully
gladia:to:rius, -a, -um, adj. gladiatorial
gladius, gladi:, m. sword
glo:ria, -ae, f. glory, fame
Gracchus, -i:, m. Gracchus, name of a famous Roman family
gracilis, -e, adj. slender (Sec. 307)
Graeca, -o:rum, n. plur. Greek writings, Greek literature
Graece:, adv. in Greek
Graecia, -ae, f. Greece
grammaticus, -i:, m. grammarian
gra:tia, -ae, f. thanks, gratitude
gra:tus, -a, -um, adj. acceptable, pleasing.  Often with dat. 
    (Sec. 501.16)
gravis, -e:, adj. heavy; disagreeable; serious, dangerous; earnest,

graviter, adv. [[gravis, heavy]], compared gravius, gravissime:,
    heavily; greatly, seriously.
  graviter ferre, bear ill, take to heart
guberna:tor, -o:ris, m. [[guberno:, pilot]], pilot


habe:na, -ae, f. halter, rein. habeo:, -e:re, -ui:, -itus, have, hold; regard, consider, deem habito:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus [[cf. habeo:, have]], dwell, abide,
.  Cf. incolo:, vi:vo: 
ha:c-tenus, adv. thus far Helve:tii:, -o:rum, m. the Helvetii, a Gallic tribe Hercule:s, -is, m. Hercules, son of Jupiter and Alcmena, and god of
Hesperide:s, -um, f. the Hesperides, daughters of Hesperus, who kept
    the garden of the golden apples
hic, haec, hoc, demonstrative adj. and pron. this (of mine); as
    pers. pron. he, she, it (Sec. 481)
hi:c, adv. here hiems, -emis, f. winter hi:nc, adv. [[hi:c, here]], from here, hence Hippolyte:, -e:s, f. Hippolyte, queen of the Amazons ho-die:, adv. [[modified form of ho:c die:, on this day]], to-day homo:, -inis, m. and f. (human being), man, person honestus, -a, -um, adv. [[honor, honor]], respected, honorable honor, -o:ris, m. honor ho:ra, -ae, f. hour Hora:tius, Hora:’ti:, m. Horatius, a Roman name horribilis, -e, adj. terrible, horrible hortor, -a:ri, -a:tus sum, dep. verb, urge, incite, exhort, encourage
    (Sec. 493)
hortus, -i:, m. garden hospitium, hospi’ti:, n. [[hospes, host]], hospitality hostis, -is, m. and f. enemy, foe (Sec. 465.a) humilis, -e, adj. low, humble (Sec. 307) Hydra, -ae, f. the Hydra, a mythical water snake slain by


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