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  Plur. fi:nitimi:, -o:rum, m. neighbors
fi:o:, fieri:, factus sum, used as passive of facio:.  See facio:  (Sec.
flamma, -ae, f. fire, flame
flo:s, flo:ris, m. flower
fluctus, -u:s, m. [[of. fluo:, flow]], flood, wave, billow
flu:men, -inis, n. [[cf. fluo:, flow]], river (Sec. 464.2.b)
fluo:, -ere, flu:xi:, fluxus, flow
fluvius, fluvi:, m. [[cf. fluo:, flow]], river
fodio:, -ere, fo:di:, fossus, dig
fo:ns, fontis, m. fountain (Sec. 247.2.a)
fo:rma, -ae, f. form, shape, appearance; beauty
Formiae, -a:rum, f. Formiae, a town of Latium on the Appian Way. 
    See map
forte, adv. [[abl. of fors, chance]], by chance
fortis, -e, adj. strong; fearless, brave
fortiter, adv. [[fortis, strong]], compared fortius, fortissime:,
    strongly; bravely
fortu:na, -ae, f. [[fors, chance]], chance, fate, fortune
forum, -i:, n. market place, esp. the Forum Ro:ma:num, where the life
    of Rome centered
Forum Appi:, Forum of Appius, a town in Latium on the Appian Way
fossa, -ae, f. [[cf. fodio:, dig]], ditch
fragor, -o:ris, m. [[cf. frango:, break]], crash, noise
frango:, -ere, fre:gi:, fra:ctus, break
fra:ter, -tris, m. brother
fremitus, -u:s, m. loud noise
frequento:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus, attend
fre:tus, -a, -um, adj. supported, trusting.  Usually with abl. of
fro:ns, frontis, f. front, a:  fronte, in front
fru:ctus, -u:s, m. fruit
fru:menta:rius, -a, -um, adj. pertaining to grain.
  re:s fru:menta:ria, grain supplies
fru:mentum, -i:, n. grain
fru:stra:, adv. in vain, vainly
fuga, -ae, f. [[cf. fugio:, flee]], flight.
  in fugam dare, put to flight
fugio:, -ere, fu:gi:, fugitu:rus, flee, run; avoid, shun
fu:mo:, -are, ------, ------, smoke
fu:nis, -is, m. rope
furor, -o:ris, m. [[furo:, rage]], madness.
  in furo:rem inci:dere, go mad


Ga:ius, Ga:i:, m. Gaius, a Roman name, abbreviated C., English form
Galba, -ae, m. Galba, a Roman name
galea, -ae, f. helmet
Gallia, -ae, f. Gaul, the country comprising what is now Holland,
    Belgium, Switzerland, and France
Gallicus, -a, -um, adj. Gallic
galli:na, -ae, f. hen, chicken
Gallus, -i:, m. a Gaul
gaudium, gaudi:, n. joy
Gena:va, -ae, f. Geneva, a city in Switzerland
ge:ns, gentis, f. [[cf. gigno:, beget]], race, family; people,
    nation, tribe

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