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    by storm, capture
exsilium, exsi’li:, n. [[exsul, exile]], banishment, exile ex-specto:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus [[ex, out, + specto:, look]],
    expect, wait
ex-struo:, -ere, -stru:xi:, -stru:ctus [[ex, out, + struo:,
    build]], build up, erect
exterus, -a, -um, adj., compared exterior, extre:mus or extimus,
    outside, outer (Sec. 312)
extra:, prep, with acc. beyond, outside of ex-traho:, -ere, -tra:xi:, -tra:ctus [[ex, out, + traho:, drag]],
    drag out, pull forth
extre:mus, -a, -um, adj., superl. of exterus, utmost, farthest
    (Sec. 312)


fa:bula, -ae, f. story, tale, fable
facile, adv. [[facilis, easy]], compared facilius, facillime:,
    easily (Sec. 322)
facilis, -e, adj. [[cf. facio:, make]], easy, without difficulty
    (Sec. 307)
facio:, -ere, fe:ci:, factus (imv. fac), make, do; cause, bring
  impetum facere in, make an attack upon.
  proelium facere, fight a battle.
  iter facere, make a march or journey.
  aliquem certio:rem facere, inform some one.
  facere verba pro:, speak in behalf of
    Passive fi:o:, fieri:, factus sum, be done, happen.
      certior fieri:, be informed
fallo:, -ere, fefelli:, falsus, trip, betray, deceive
fa:ma, -ae, f. report, rumor; renown, fame, reputation
fame:s, -is (abl. fame:), f. hunger
familia, -ae, f. servants, slaves; household, family
fasce:s, -ium (plur. of fascis), f. fasces (p. 225)
fasti:gium, fasti:’gi:, n. top; slope, descent
fa:tum, -i:, n. fate, destiny
fauce:s, -ium, f. plur. jaws, throat
faveo:, -e:re, fa:vi:, fautu:rus, be favorable to, favor, with dat. 
    (Sec. 501.14)
fe:li:x, -i:cis, adj. happy, lucky
fe:mina, -ae, f. woman.  Cf. mulier
fera, -ae, f. [[ferus, wild]], wild beast
fera:x, -a:cis, adj. fertile
fere:, adv. about, nearly, almost
fero:, ferre, tuli:, la:tus, bear.
  graviter or moleste:  ferre, be annoyed (Sec. 498)
ferreus, -a, -um, adj. [[ferrum, iron]], made of iron
fide:lis, -e, adj. [[fide:s, trust]], faithful, true
fide:s, fidei:  or fide:, trust, faith; promise, word; protection.
  in fidem veni:re, come under the protection.
  in fide:  mane:re, remain loyal
fi:lia, -ae (dat. and abl. plur. fi:lia:bus), f. daughter (Sec. 461.a)
fi:lius, fi:li:  (voc. sing, fi:li:), m. son
fi:nis, -is, m. boundary, limit, end; in plur. territory, country
    (Sec. 243.1)
fi:nitimus, -a, -um, adj. [[fi:nis, boundary]],

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