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+ quatio:,
    shake]], shatter, dash to pieces
dis-po:no:, -ere, -posui:, -positus [[dis-, apart, + po:no:, put]],
    put here and there, arrange, station
dis-similis, -e, adj. [[dis-, apart, + similis, like]],
    unlike, dissimilar (Sec. 307)
dis-tribuo:, -ere, -ui:, -u:tus, divide, distribute
diu:, adv., compared diu:tius, diu:tissime:, for a long time, long
    (Sec. 477)
do:, dare, dedi:, datus, give.
  in fugam dare, put to flight.
  alicui nego:tium dare, employ some one
doceo:, -e:re, -ui:, -tus, teach, show
doctri:na, -ae, f. [[doctor, teacher]], teaching, learning,

dolor, -o:ris, m. pain, sorrow
domesticus, -a, -um, adj. [[domus, house]], of the house,

domicilium, domici’li:, n. dwelling; house, abode.  Cf. domus
domina, -ae, f. mistress (of the house), lady (Sec. 461)
dominus, -i:, m. master (of the house), owner, ruler (Sec. 462)
domus, -u:s, f. house, home.
  domi:, locative, at home (Sec. 468)
dormio:, -i:re, -i:vi:, -i:tus, sleep
draco:, -o:nis, m. serpent, dragon
dubito:, -a:re, -a:vi:, -a:tus, hesitate
dubius, -a, -um, adj. [[duo, two]], (moving two ways),
    doubtful, dubious
du-centi:, -ae, -a, numeral adj. two hundred
du:co:, -ere, du:xi:, ductus (imv. du:c), lead, conduct
dum, conj. while, as long as
duo, duae, duo, numeral adj. two (Sec. 479)
duo-decim, indecl. numeral adj. twelve
du:rus, -a, -um, adj. hard, tough; harsh, pitiless, bitter
dux, ducis, m. and f. [[cf. du:co:, lead]], leader, commander


e:  or ex, prep, with abl. out of, from, off, of (Sec. 209) eburneus, -a, -um, adj. of ivory ecce, adv. see! behold! there! here! e:-du:co:, -ere, -du:xi:, -ductus [[e:, out, + du:co:, lead]], lead
    out, draw out

ef-ficio:, -ere, -fe:ci:, -fectus [[ex, thoroughly, + facio:,
    do]], work out; make, cause
ef-fugio:, -ere, -fu:gi:, -fugitu:rus [[ex, from, + fugio:, flee]],
egeo:, -e:re, -ui:, ——­, be in need of, lack, with abl. (Sec. 501.32) ego, pers. pron. I; plur. no:s, we (Sec. 480) e:-gredior, -i:, e:gressus sum, dep. verb [[e:, out of, + gradior,
    go]], go out, go forth.
  e:  na:vi:  e:gredi:, disembark
e:-icio:, -ere, -ie:ci:, -iectus [[e:, forth, + iacio:, hurl]],
    hurl forth, expel
elementum, -i:, n., in plur. first principles, rudiments elephantus, -i:, m. elephant E:lis, Elidis, f. E’lis, a district of

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