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at-tonitus, -a, -um, adj. thunderstruck, astounded
auda:cia, -ae, f. [[auda:x, bold]], boldness, audacity
auda:cter, adv. [[auda:x, bold]], compared auda:cius, auda:cissime:,
auda:x, -a:cis, adj. bold, daring
audeo:, -e:re, ausus sum, dare
audio:, -i:re, -i:vi:  or -i:i:, -i:tus, hear, listen to (Secs. 420.d,
Auge:a:s, -ae, m. Auge’as, a king whose stables Hercules cleaned
aura, -ae, f. air, breeze
aura:tus, -a, -um, adj. [[aurum, gold]], adorned with gold
aureus, -a, -um, adj.[[aurum, gold]], golden
aurum, -i:, n. gold
aut, conj. or.
  aut ... aut, either ... or
autem, conj., usually second, never first, in the clause, but,
    moreover, however, now
.  Cf. at, sed
auxilium, auxi’li:, n. help, aid, assistance; plur. auxiliaries
a:-verto:, -ere, -ti:, -sus, turn away, turn aside
avis, -is, f. bird (Sec. 243.1)


ballista, -ae, f. ballista, an engine for hurling missiles (p. 220) balteus, -i:, m. belt, sword belt barbarus, -i:, m. barbarian, savage bellum, -i:, n. war.
  bellum i:nferre, with dat. make war upon
bene, adv. [[for bone:, from bonus]], compared melius, optime:,
benigne:, adv. [[benignus, kind]], compared benignius,
    benignissime:, kindly
benignus, -a, -um, adj. good-natured, kind, often used with dat. bi:ni:, -ae, -a, distributive numeral adj. two each, two at a time
    (Sec. 334)
bis, adv. twice bonus, -a, -um, adj. compared melior, optimus, good, kind
    (Sec. 469.a)
bo:s, bovis (gen. plur. boum or bovum, dat. and abl. plur. bo:bus
    or bu:bus), m. and f. ox, cow
bracchium, bracchi:, n. arm brevis, -e, adj. short Brundisium, -i:, n. Brundisium, a seaport in southern Italy.  See map bulla, -ae, f. bulla, a locket made of small concave plates of gold
    fastened by a spring (p. 212)


C. abbreviation for Ga:ius, Eng. Caius cado:, -ere, ce’cidi:, ca:su:rus, fall caede:s, -is, f. [[caedo:, cut]], (a cutting down), slaughter,
(Sec. 465.a)
caelum, -i:, n. sky, heavens Caesar, -aris, m. Caesar, the famous general, statesman, and writer calamita:s, -a:tis, f. loss, calamity, defeat, disaster calcar, -a:ris, n. spur (Sec. 465.b) Campa:nia, -ae, f. Campania., a district of central Italy.  See map Campa:nus, -a, -um, adj. of Campania campus, -i:, m. plain, field, esp. the Campus Martius, along the
    Tiber just outside the walls of Rome
canis, -is, m. and f. dog cano:, -ere, ce’cini:,

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